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How To Effectively Extend The Service Life Of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 31, 2023

The damage of the diesel generator sets will cause great harm to the normal use of the unit. In addition to the product quality problems of the diesel generator set, improper use of the machine, untimely and incorrect maintenance will also cause damage to the couplers, then do you know how to effectively extend the service life of diesel generator sets? Follow Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to find out.


1. Strictly implement the fuel precipitation and filtration system, and the diesel fuel that is added should rarely be used after 48 hours of precipitation. The diesel fuel used should conform to the standard model specified by the season. Refueling tools should be clean and dedicated. The places where oil is added and stored should also be cleaned to prevent dirt from mixing into the fuel and accelerating the wear of the coupler and reducing the service life of the coupler.


2. Formulate strict technical maintenance specifications. The fuel filter works for 100 hours and the fuel tank is cleaned once for 500 hours. If the filter element is found to be damaged and lost, it must be replaced in time. The pair should be disassembled and checked once under normal working conditions for 500 hours. During disassembly and inspection, ensure that the place, hands, tools and cleaning oil are clean to avoid contamination of the paired parts. Do not knock or knock indiscriminately during the disassembly operation, do not pile it up in disorder during cleaning, and should not wash it together with other non-coupled parts to avoid bumps and scratches. During assembly, the assembly position should not be changed at will to achieve some purposes that do not meet the working requirements of the machine. When installing the oil valve tight seat and the oil nozzle tight cap, it should be tightened according to the specified torque to ensure the good technical condition of the assembled fuel injector and fuel injection pump.


shangchai power generator set

3. In addition to the above requirements, it is also necessary to improve the understanding of the dual parts, understand the structural characteristics and working principles of the dual parts, and strengthen and improve the maintenance, operation and use of the dual parts. Do not adjust at will when there is no fault, do not disassemble at will during maintenance and use, do not knock and beat randomly during maintenance and inspection, do not rub and touch during cleaning and maintenance, and do not change and twist during assembly and adjustment, all according to the specifications and technical requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of extending its service life.


The above are some methods to effectively extend the service life of diesel generator sets, for the reference of the majority of users, I hope to help you.


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