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How To Do The Routine Maintenance Of Generator Equipment

Aug. 19, 2023

Regarding how to do the routine maintenance of diesel generators, the first step is that operators and maintenance personnel should use diesel generators correctly, maintain them carefully, and maintain the equipment with a serious attitude and scientific skills. Adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to maintenance and overhaul and focusing on maintenance. Strictly implement the post responsibility system to ensure that the equipment in use is in good condition.


In addition, through on-the-job training and learning techniques, operators have four understandings and three meetings on the equipment used: understand the structure, performance and purpose, be able to use, maintain and eliminate faults. If it is found that the equipment is not running normally, it has not been repaired over time, or the safety device is not in compliance with the regulations, it should be reported immediately.


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Secondly, for equipment users, tools, workpieces, and accessories are neatly arranged, safety protection devices are complete, and lines and pipes are complete. Keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean, free of grease, no bumps, no oil leakage or water leakage in all parts, and clean up garbage. Refuel on time, the oil quality meets the requirements, and keep the oil path unblocked.


Set people and machines, follow operating procedures, use them rationally, monitor abnormalities, and avoid accidents. Carefully abide by the safety operating procedures and do not use overload. Can cooperate with maintenance personnel to troubleshoot equipment failures in a timely manner. In addition, the equipment must be used by special personnel, and non-operators cannot use and modify the equipment without the permission of the supervisor.


Other generator maintenance details:

1. Generally, every 100h of operation, clean the diesel filter element once.


2. After 500 hours of operation, clean the fuel tank and pipeline, remove carbon deposits on the fuel injector parts, calibrate the fuel injection pressure, and check the fuel injection atomization quality.


3. There should be no leakage on the joints and sealing surfaces of the oil circuit.


4. Diesel must be purified by precipitation and then injected into the fuel tank.


5. When the dismantled or long-term idle diesel engine is used for the first time, the air in the oil circuit should be released. Exhaust tips: Open the fuel switch and loosen the exhaust screw on the fuel injection pump. If there is air in the oil circuit, air bubbles will appear. When the bubbles flow normally, the gas has been exhausted, and then tighten the bleed screw.


6. No matter whether the diesel engine is working or idle, cover the fuel filler opening of the fuel tank to prevent dirt and dust from falling into the fuel tank.


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