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How To Disassemble And Inspect The Oil Pump Of The Diesel Generator

Dec. 09, 2021

The fuel transfer pump of the diesel generator is a single-acting piston fuel injection pump driven by an eccentric wheel on the fuel injection pump shaft. Its function is to absorb the oil in the fuel tank and provide enough fuel for the fuel injection pump at a certain pressure. Before the diesel generator is started, use the hand pump on the fuel transfer pump to pump oil to discharge the air in the oil passage. It can make the fuel within 1 meter of the center of the fuel transfer pump smoothly suck up the oil for 0.5min within 0.5min.


The enhanced fuel injection pumps of the 6-cylinder B series and the B series all use tankers. The matching clearance between the pump body and the pump casing is between 0.005 and 0.02 mm. The gap is too large and the fuel supply is reduced. The upper and lower rod sleeves of the roller-type oil transfer pump are all matched and studied. If the gap is too large, it will cause oil leakage. Unless the rubber ring in the hand pump is damaged, there is a rubber sealing device between the hand pump piston and the hand pump body.


Before the lowest position of the fuel injection pump eccentric wheel, the action of the spring promotes the upward movement of the piston and discharges the fuel in the upper cavity of the piston, at this time, the one-way valve on the oil outlet side is closed and the fuel is sent to the fuel filter, forming a gap in the lower cavity of the piston. Open the one-way valve on the oil inlet surface to absorb fuel. The eccentric wheel continues to rotate, and the piston begins to move downwards until the roller and the ejector rod contact the highest point of the eccentric wheel, the oil is squeezed, and the one-way valve is opened on the oil outlet surface to enter the cavity above the piston. Then it recirculates, sucking in and expelling the fuel. When the pressures of the two pistons in both directions are equal, the resistance of the tubing increases, the piston is no longer balanced with the ejector rod, and the pump stops working.


diesel generator

How to disassemble and inspect the diesel generator fuel pump?


After the diesel generator fuel pump has been used for a long time, its parts should be inspected. The precautions are as follows:


1. If the valve surface is damaged, dented, pitted, etc., use abrasive paste to grind it on the flat plate. In severe cases, replace it with a new one.


2. When the surface of the one-way valve seat on the body is severely damaged or uneven, it should be replaced.


3. If the rods and ejector sleeves are seriously damaged, the gap is enlarged, the sealing is improper, and the diesel leakage is too large, the ejector rods must be replaced or selected with larger sizes, but mutual research is required.


4. The coarse filter element at the oil inlet pipe joint is particularly easy to be blocked by cotton-like dirt, which directly affects the fuel supply. Therefore, more attention should be paid to cleaning the fuel and removing the filter element.


5. When the rubber ring of the piston of the portable pump is damaged, it should be removed and replaced in time.


After the diesel generator oil pump is reinstalled, the moving parts such as the piston and ejector rod of the oil pump are required to move well during the whole stroke, block or jam, and the pressure pump should be light and flexible. Pay attention when installing the check valve spring, the check valve spring must be accurately embedded in the spring groove.


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