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How To Detect The Vacuum Degree Of The Intake Pipe Of Diesel Generator

Aug. 26, 2021

Generally, a special vacuum detector with a range of 0-120kPa is used to detect the vacuum of the intake pipe (intake system) of the diesel generator, as shown in the figure. The vacuum gauge is composed of a meter head and a hose. One end is connected to the hose on the meter head, and the other end is connected to the inlet pipe connector during measurement. Before testing, the diesel generator should be warmed up to normal operating temperature.


1. When the diesel generator is idling, the pointer of the vacuum gauge steadily points in the range of 57.42-70.93kPa, indicating that the air-tight performance of the intake system is normal, when the throttle valve is opened quickly, the pointer swings between 67.6-84.44kPa, it further shows that the air-tightness of the intake system is good.


2. When the diesel generator is idling, the pointer is lower than normal, mainly due to the leakage of piston ring, intake pipe or fuel injector. It may also be due to late injection or oil discharge, or late gas distribution. In this state, if the throttle is opened suddenly and the throttle is closed, the pointer will return to zero, and the pointer of the pointer will be less than 84.44kPa.


diesel generator set

3. The pointer swings between 33.78-74.3kPa when the diesel generator is idling. As the speed increases, the pointer swings intensified, indicating insufficient valve spring elasticity, valve guide wear or cylinder liner leakage.


4. When the diesel generator is idling, the pointer swings between 50.66-67.55kPa, indicating that there is valve sticking or a problem with the ignition system.


5. When the diesel generator is idling, the oil volume slowly swings between 40.53-60.80kPa, indicating improper adjustment of the fuel supply system.


6.When the diesel generator is idling, the pointer gradually drops to zero, indicating that the exhaust pipe system is blocked.


7. The pointer oscillates rapidly when the diesel generator is idling, and the pointer becomes stable when the speed increases, indicating that the intake valve and air duct are worn out.


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