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How To Detect The Failure Of Diesel Generator Set Control Panel

Mar. 06, 2023

In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the control panel, the diesel generator control panel must be inspected regularly or irregularly to find problems and eliminate faults in time. Although the models and specifications of low-voltage generator control panels produced by various manufacturers are different, their functions and components are basically the same, so their fault detection and handling methods are also basically the same. Take the FKDF control panel as an example to introduce the fault detection of the control panel.


(1) Phase sequence detection.

From the front of the control solution, the voltage phase sequence of the control solution should be consistent with the regulations. Phase sequence can be detected by phase sequence meter. Simple method can also be used on site. For example, use two 220V, 50W bulbs and one 3 μ F and 250V capacitors are connected in Y-shaped connection, U ', V and W' are connected with the transformer U and r.W to be measured respectively. If the lamp LH1 is brighter than LH2, the phase sequence is correct, otherwise the phase sequence is wrongly connected and should be corrected.


(2) Current transformer, voltage transformer polarity and connection group detection.

In the control panel, voltage transformer and current transformer have fixed polarity and connection group. When they are connected with measuring instruments and synchronizing devices, only if the polarity and connection group are correct, the instrument indication is correct, and the synchronizing device can work normally. Otherwise, the instrument reading will be wrong and the grid connection operation will be wrong, and even the diesel generator set may be damaged. Therefore, before the control panel is put into operation or after the current transformer and voltage transformer are repaired and replaced, they should be tested.


When detecting the connection group, first check whether the polarity of each winding of the transformer is correct, and then check the wiring. If the polarity is correct and the wiring is according to the circuit diagram, the connection group must be correct.


the generator unit

(3) Insulation resistance detection.

The insulation resistance must be checked after the control panel is installed and before use or if it is not used for a long time. 500V megger can be used for detection. Generally, the insulation resistance of each circuit should not be less than 2M Ω under the environment of temperature+20 ℃ and relative humidity of 50%~70%. If the environmental conditions are relatively bad, it should not be less than 0.4M Ω. Otherwise, the cause should be found out and handled.


(4) Main switch detection.

The main switch of the control panel refers to the automatic air switch of the primary circuit, which plays the role of opening and closing the primary circuit and ensures the safe power supply of the generator. In addition to regular maintenance, if abnormal phenomena (such as heat, sparks, burning, etc.) are found, they should be checked and handled in time.


(5) Control loop detection.

The control circuit of the control panel mainly includes the closing circuit, opening circuit, protection circuit and signal circuit of the main switch (or other switches and contactors). The correct wiring and the quality of the components directly affect the normal, safe and reliable operation of the control panel. Therefore, after the installation or maintenance is completed, or after the fault occurs in operation, it must be detected to find the problem and eliminate the fault.


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