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How to Debug Silent Diesel Generating Set

Jul. 31, 2020

Before delivering silent diesel generating set, although it has been debugged, after the field installation or before the official start-up, we should also do commissionning again to ensure the unit work normally. Here we tell you how to debug silent diesel generator set after installed on site.


Step 1: Inspection

1.Check whether the surface of silent genset clean, whether the anchor nuts and other moving parts are loose. If any problems are found, fasten them in time.

2.Check the condition of the fuel supply system.

1)Check whether the air vent on the fuel tank is unblocked. If there is dirt, remove it.

2)Loosen the bleed screw of diesel filter or fuel injection pump, pump oil by hand, and remove air in oil circuit.

3)Check whether there is any leakage in the oil pipe joint, if there is any problem, it should be handled in time.

4)Check whether the tightness of the drive belt is appropriate, the method is to press the middle part of the belt by hand, and it is appropriate to press down 10-15mm.

New silent genset

3.Check the cooling system

1)Water tank. To check whether water is enough, if not, should add clean and soft water.

2)Check whether water pipe is leakage.

3)Whether the tightness of the drive belt is appropriate, the method is to press the middle part of the belt by hand, and it is appropriate to press down 10-15mm.

4.Check lubrication system

1)Whether there is oil leakage at the oil pipe joint, if there is any problem, it should be handled in time.

2)Take out the oil dipstick of the oil pan and observe whether the height of the oil meets the specified requirements.

5.Check electric start-up system

1)Lead acid batteries should be added with electrolyte as required.

2)After 15 minutes, measure whether the DC voltage meets the requirements more than 12V.

3)When connecting the battery, you must first connect the + pole (red wire) and then connect the - pole (black wire).

4)Whether there is dirt and oxidation on the battery terminal, if so, it should be cleaned.

5)Whether the starting motor, electromagnetic control mechanism and other electrical contacts are good.

Step 2: Commissioning of diesel power generator

1.According to the schematic diagram and wiring diagram, check whether the power cable or copper joint connection is tight.

2. The gap at the connection shall not be greater than 0.05mm, and the distance between conductors shall be greater than 10mm.

3. The insulation resistance of each coil, electrical circuit and body to ground shall be greater than 2mΩ.

4. Whether the phase sequence connection is consistent.

5. Whether the grounding wire is connected correctly.

6. If the wiring of control panel falls off, check one by one if necessary.

Step 3: Idle commissioning

1.Ensure that the generator power output switch is in the off position.

2. When the unit is started manually, the first no-load operation time shall not be less than 30min.

3. Observe the condition of the engine body, there should be no oil leakage and water leakage, and all parts work normally.

4. Observe that the smoke exhaust color should be light gray.

5. Observe that the oil pressure should be above 0.3MPa and keep basically unchanged.

6. Observe that the water temperature should rise to about 80 ℃ within 15 minutes (depending on the ambient temperature) and keep basically unchanged.

7. Observe the speed and frequency (mechanical speed regulation should be about 51.5Hz, electronic speed regulation should be 50Hz).

8. Observe voltage (400V) and current (0A).

silent diesel generator set

Step 4: diesel generator set commissioning

1.Check whether the no-load noise value of the unit meets the requirements.

2. The protection functions of general units include: low oil pressure, high water temperature and overspeed. Adjust or simulate the above three abnormal states, and check the protection and shutdown functions of the unit.

3. Check the automatic start / stop function and ATS automatic switching function of the unit (the unit is in the automatic state, the power output switch of the unit is in the closed and position, and the acdb head is in the off position).

4. The automatic shutdown of diesel generator should have an automatic cooling process of 3min.

Step 5: On-load commissioning

1.When the generator set is in automatic state, manually load test.

2.Step by step loading operation conditions are 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. Before 75% rated load, each stage shall not be less than 30min.

3.Observe the operation status of power generator, smoke exhaust and whether the parameters are normal.

4.Check whether the load noise value of the unit meets the requirements.

Step 6: Make record of commissioning test report and keep site clean

1.The debugging report is an important document basis for field debugging.

2. It must be filled in carefully and accurately according to the debugging process and content.

3. Commissioning personnel and supervisors/customers must sign for confirmation.

4. After commissioning, the site must be cleaned and kept clean. 

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