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How To Deal With The Sudden Flameout Of Shangchai Generator

Aug. 11, 2021

The sudden flameout of Shangchai diesel generator set during operation refers to the phenomenon that when the diesel generator is working, without releasing the throttle, the flame is quickly stopped due to non-technician operating factors, and the phenomenon cannot be restarted after the flameout. The reasons are mostly as follows:


(1) The connecting bolts of the drive shaft of the fuel injection pump are loose.


(2) The connection of each oil pipe joint is unreliable and there is leakage.


(3) Loosen the bleed screw plug on the fleetguard filter or the oil pump, and pump oil with a hand pump. If oil flows out, it indicates that the fault is in the high pressure oil circuit, if the oil flows out, it indicates that the fault is in the low pressure oil circuit.


(4) The fault lies in the low-pressure oil circuit. Most of the diesel fleetguard filter is blocked. Clean the diesel fleetguard filter or replace the filter element.


(5) If the engine speed is high or low before the engine stalls, it indicates that there is water in the diesel, and the water should be removed or replaced with the diesel in time.


(6) When the fault is in the high-pressure oil circuit, check whether the oil supply rod or rack is not flexible and stuck in the oil stop position, and repair it if necessary.


(7) The drive gear of the fuel injection pump is broken and the drive gear is faulty.


(8) The shaft of the fuel injection pump is broken.


(9) The internal moving parts of the diesel generator are stuck.


(10) The control rod and connecting pin of the fuel injection pump fell off.


diesel engine

The sudden flameout of Shangchai diesel generator set during operation is mainly caused by the circuit ignition failure. The sudden flameout during the operation of the diesel engine is mainly caused by the failure of the fuel injection pump, and the second is the internal jam of the diesel generator. When encountering this phenomenon, the user first checks whether the fuel injection pump rotates and supplies fuel.


(1) Use the starter to drive the diesel generator. If it can rotate normally, observe whether the camshaft of the fuel injection pump rotates. If it rotates normally, it means that the fuel injection pump is malfunctioning. The operating mechanism should be checked for normal operation. You can turn the throttle lever to check whether the connection between the control arm and the control shaft is good.


(2) If the camshaft of the fuel injection pump does not rotate, it is because the fastening bolts of the camshaft gear are loose, the camshaft is broken, or the gear in the gear chamber is faulty.


(3)If the starter drives the diesel generator to fail to run, it means that there is an internal failure of the diesel generator. Such as blockage between piston and cylinder, blockage of crankshaft and bearing, blockage of plunger of fuel injection pump, mechanical failure of valve mechanism, etc. Under normal circumstances, the valve chamber cover should be opened for inspection. If the oil pressure is too low or the temperature is too high from the instrument during operation, it needs to be overhauled directly according to the specific situation.


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