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How To Deal With The Oil Leakage Fault Of 400kw Weichai Generator Set

Nov. 16, 2021

Phenomenon 1: The 400kw Weichai generator set has low fuel consumption, low emissions, and low noise. It adopts electrostatic spray technology, rust and corrosion resistance, excellent performance, advanced technology, reliable work, and convenient maintenance. Once the oil consumption is large, the exhaust smoke is normal and the power is not reduced. What caused this situation?


Cause of failure: This situation is generally caused by oil leakage.


Treatment measures:

1. First, check whether the external oil pipes of the diesel engine lubrication system (including the inlet and return pipes of the turbocharger) are leaking.


2. Check whether the exhaust gas outlet of the turbocharger is organic oil. If there is organic oil, it can be judged that the seal ring at one end of the turbine is damaged, and the seal ring should be replaced.


Phenomenon 2: The oil consumption is large, the exhaust emits blue smoke, but the power does not decrease. Cause of failure: Oil leakage on the compressor side of the turbocharger is caused by oil leakage on the compressor side of the turbocharger. The oil enters the combustion chamber through the engine intake pipe and is burned. There are several possibilities:


1. The oil return pipe of the supercharger is not unblocked, and the oil accumulates too much in the middle support of the supercharger rotor assembly, and flows into the compressor impeller along the rotor shaft.


2. After the seal ring or oil slinger near the end of the compressor impeller is damaged, the oil enters the impeller chamber, and then enters the combustion chamber through the intake pipe along with the pressurized air in the room.


diesel engine

Treatment measures:

1. Open the air outlet of the compressor or the straight pipe (rubber hose) of the diesel engine to check whether the oil is adhered to the nozzle and pipe wall. If so, check whether the return pipe of the turbocharger is unblocked. If it is not unblocked, it is caused by excessive oil accumulation at the intermediate support. The oil return pipe should be dredged and reinstalled.


2. If it is unblocked, it is caused by damage to the sealing ring or oil sling ring at one end of the impeller, and the supercharger should be disassembled for repair.


Phenomenon 3: High oil consumption, blue or black smoke from exhaust, and power drop.


cause of issue:

1. The gap between the piston and the cylinder is worn too much, and the oil rushes into the combustion chamber and is burned.


2. In the process of air being sucked by the supercharger, when the air flows, it encounters relatively large resistance (such as clogged air filter, deformed or flattened air inlet hose, etc.), and the pressure at the air inlet of the compressor is relatively low, causing the oil to leak into the compressor, and enter the combustion chamber along with the compressed air to be burned.


Treatment measures:

1. Check whether there is inorganic oil in the wall of the air inlet hose, whether it is squashed, etc., so that the airflow is blocked or the air filter element is blocked.


2. If the nozzle and wall of the pipe have organic oil, the air filter element should be cleaned or replaced.


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