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How to Deal with The Loss of Excitation Fault on Diesel Generator Set?

Jul. 26, 2023

If a diesel generator set is idle for a long time and then restarted, there will be no AC voltage output. We measure the main output winding, and if the voltage between phases is "0" or less than "5VAC", it indicates that the unit has lost excitation. Below, we will analyze this issue for everyone.

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1. Firstly, in order to prevent short circuits at the output end from causing excitation to not be established, we need to inspect the main output circuit of the diesel genset.

2. If there is an excitation and magnetization button, press the excitation and magnetization button once; If there is no excitation button, use an electric battery to magnetize it.

3. The specific method for magnetizing the battery is:

(1) Using a 12V DC battery, connect the negative pole to the "XX" terminal of the AVR board, and connect the positive pole to the "X" terminal of the AVR board through a diode;

(2) Restart the unit and record the output voltage of the main stator, which is close to the rated voltage, or the voltage between AVR terminals P2-P3 is between 170-250V;

(3) Stop the machine, disconnect the battery power supply of "X" and "XX" terminals, and restart the unit. At this time, the diesel generator set should be able to operate normally. If there is still no voltage, it can be considered that there is a problem with the generator set or AVR.

Here, it is emphasized that if the diesel generator is not used for a long time, the residual magnetism contained in the iron core before leaving the factory will be lost, and the excitation coil cannot establish the proper magnetic field. At this time, the engine runs normally but cannot generate electricity, so everyone should pay more attention when using it.

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