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How To Deal With Diesel Generator Oil Mixed With Diesel Oil

Aug. 24, 2021

The oil in the oil pan of the diesel generator is penetrated into the diesel, which often causes the problem of rising oil level. The diesel fuel mixed with engine oil will cause great damage to the diesel generator. After dilution, the diesel will become thinner, lose lubrication and cooling, and cause serious malfunctions such as overheating and burning of the diesel generator. There are five main reasons why diesel generator oil is mixed with diesel oil.


1. The rated pressure of the fuel injector is high, and the adjusted pressure value is too low, resulting in insufficient fuel supply from the fuel injection pump, incomplete combustion, and excess diesel fuel flows into the oil pan along the cylinder wall, when the fuel injection pump is adjusted, individual plungers will be excessively adjusted. Diesel enters the oil pan.


2. If unqualified engine oil is used or the replacement is not timely, the plunger of the fuel injection pump will be severely worn, causing diesel fuel to seep into the fuel cavity of the fuel injection pump. Since the oil cavity of the fuel injection pump is connected to the diesel engine oil passage, the diesel is circulated to the oil pan of the diesel generator, and the oil level rises.


3. When the fuel delivery pump connected to the fuel injection pump is damaged and leaks seriously, diesel fuel can also enter the fuel cavity of the fuel injection pump, and then enter the oil pan with the return oil, causing the oil level to rise.


diesel engine

4. A cylinder pull failure occurs in a single cylinder, which causes the cylinder compression pressure to be too low, and the fuel injected into the cylinder does not burn, causing the diesel to flow into the crankcase oil pan along the cylinder wall, causing the oil level to rise.


5. If the temperature of the diesel generator is too high, the oil will become thinner, resulting in more oil running up to the combustion chamber, and carbon deposits are likely to form at the fuel injection nozzle, which may cause spontaneous combustion or deflagration of the diesel generator. If the fuel injection nozzle is coupled severe wear or seizure will cause malfunctions such as upward channeling and oil dripping. Incompletely burned diesel will flow into the oil pan along the cylinder wall, which will cause the oil level to rise.


If there is diesel oil in the internal combustion engine oil pan of the diesel generator and the oil level rises, it is important to find out the cause immediately and eliminate this.


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