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How To Deal With Blue Smoke From Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 15, 2022

The blue smoke of Cummins diesel generator set is mostly caused by the internal failure of the diesel engine, which causes the lubricating oil to penetrate into the cylinder and ignite. There are usually two conditions: the inner wall of the cylinder is scratched, the piston seal is poor or the cylinder is seriously damaged, all of which are It will cause gaps, and the lubricating oil that was originally responsible for lubrication will use these gaps to enter the cylinder to participate in ignition. When the lubricating oil that cannot be ignited is discharged, it will cause blue smoke.


Diesel generator sets have blue smoke treatment methods:

1. For generator sets that have been used for a long time, the airtightness of the cylinder block, piston and other components should be checked frequently, and repairs should be made in time when blue smoke is found to be discharged to prevent greater losses.


2. Lubricating oil should be added in an appropriate amount, too much or too little is not advisable. Regularly check the use of lubricating oil. Once abnormal consumption of lubricating oil is found, immediately go to a professional maintenance station for inspection.


The common failure problem of blue smoke after diesel engine operation is usually caused by the high temperature and ultra-high pressure after part of the lubricating oil is inserted into the cylinder, the lubricating oil evaporates to form steam, and then it is discharged with the exhaust gas. If the lubricating oil is ignited, it will cause black smoke from the exhaust pipe, resulting in the addition of carbon deposits in the cylinder and the increase in the amount of lubricating oil used. When the internal coupler of the fuel injector is stuck or the oil hole is blocked, the exhaust pipe will also emit blue smoke.


(1) The lubricating oil inside the oil pan is added to the cylinder, evaporated into oil and gas and ignited and discharged from the exhaust pipe.


(2) Serious oiling around the inside of the diesel engine cylinder.


(3) The damage gap between the cylinder rod and the valve guide inside the cylinder head is too large, and the lubricating oil lubricating the cylinder organization is sucked into the cylinder.


diesel generator set

(4) Piston rings, pistons and cylinder liner are damaged and the gap is too large, causing lubricating oil to be added to the cylinder.


(5) When there is too much lubricating oil in the oil pan, the lubricating oil will be added to the cylinder.


(6) The piston ring is cemented on the groove body of the piston ring by carbon deposits or the elasticity of the piston ring is insufficient, the opening of the ring is not separated, the upper and lower directions of the gas ring are reversed, etc.


(7) The new diesel engine or the overhauled diesel engine has not passed the complete running-in period, resulting in poor cylinder tightness.


(8) The inner coupler of the fuel injector is stuck.


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