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How To Deal With Abnormal Smoke Color Of Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 27, 2022

Diesel generator sets usually emit colorless and transparent smoke during operation, but it is not difficult for users who often use diesel generator sets to find that diesel generator sets sometimes have abnormal smoke color, such as black smoke, blue smoke, and smoke. White smoke, etc., why is this? In response to this kind of phenomenon, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will tell you why there is smoke (white, black or blue) when the diesel generator is running, and related solutions.


White smoke when the diesel generator is running indicates that there is water in the fuel. The generator runs fine, then the clear exhaust smoke starts to turn white, then stays white, which means you have some water in your fuel system. This usually happens with diesel generators when a tiny amount of water or leak gets into the fuel system somewhere.


The fuel in the cylinder burns with the moisture, resulting in a milky white smoke. If this is allowed to continue, you will find that the generator starts to oscillate and may struggle to support the load and may reduce the load.


So, how to fix diesel generator white smoke:

1. Check the fuel supply.


2. The most recently delivered fuel.


3. Whether it is contaminated, check whether there is water leakage into the fuel tank or engine block.


4. Replace all fuel filters with new ones.


5. If the problem persists, polish the fuel to remove any moisture.


Check if your fuel tank is rusted or if water can enter the fuel through the hole.


If the problem is resolved, start the diesel generator again. Diesel generators may emit white smoke, then black smoke, and after the last few minutes, the exhaust smoke should become clear. The generator should then run smoothly with no problems. In normal use, the diesel generator should not produce persistent visible smoke (white, black or blue smoke) from the exhaust muffler.


diesel generator

If you see continuous black smoke from time to time, then:


1. Adjust the fuel line and fuel input.


2. Replace the fuel filter.


3. Replace the air filter.


4. Check the fuel quality.


5. Check whether the fuel injector is replaced due to aging and contamination.


If you are experiencing persistent blue smoke from your running diesel generator, check the following as soon as possible

1. Is the generator old?


2. Does the generator run for more than 10,000 hours?


3. Has the generator never been properly maintained over the years?


4. Replace the cylinder head gasket and any gaskets/seals around the fuel filter and oil filter as soon as possible.


5. If the blue smoke still exists after doing all the above, then your generator needs a major overhaul due to its long running time.


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