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How to Control The Noise of Cummins Generator?

May. 31, 2022

Cummins generators are common equipment in factories and can also be seen in many banks and schools. Cummins generators will generate great noise when running, which is also a common problem of diesel engines. In these environments, the noise of Cummins generators The scope of influence is very large, affecting the normal life, work and study of the surrounding area. Today we will take a look at the material effect of Cummins generator sound insulation cover.

Cummins generator

There are two specific noise reduction methods for general Cummins generators, one is to use a sound insulation cover for noise reduction, and the other is to reduce the noise in the engine room of the Cummins generator in the machine room.

If the sound insulation cover is used, the sound insulation cover of Cummins generator generally uses metal steel plate as the outer layer of sound insulation protection, the inner layer uses the perforated sound-absorbing metal plate to play the role of noise reduction, and the damping and vibration-absorbing material is used between the two layers of plates, and the sound absorption The material is filled so that the entire sound insulation cover plate can play a variety of noise reduction effects. At the same time, the sound insulation cover, the machine and the ground must use vibration damping pads, after all, the diesel engine vibrates a lot.

For a Cummins generator with a machine room, the machine room is equivalent to a kind of sound insulation cover, and the sound insulation decoration of the machine room can be carried out at this time. Take sound absorption and sound insulation measures on the ceiling and four walls of the machine room, install and lay sound absorption materials, and use its high-efficiency vibration damping foot pads for diesel engines to install mufflers or muffler louvers at the air inlet and outlet of the machine room, and set up explosion-proof sound insulation doors and windows on the walls.

Cummins generator sound insulation cover is used more for generator noise reduction, but whether to use the sound insulation cover should be based on the environment of the generator, according to the site situation to formulate a reasonable noise reduction plan, which not only ensures economic benefits but also ensures the reduction noise effect.

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