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How To Control The Capacity And Number Of Conventional Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 14, 2023

Some diesel generator sets need to operate continuously for a long time in a certain period of time or often. As a common power supply for electrical loads, such generator sets are called common generator sets. Common generator sets can be used as common units and standby units. In towns, islands, forest farms, mines, oil fields and other areas or industrial and mining enterprises far away from the large power grid, in order to supply power for production and living of local residents, diesel generator sets need to be installed, and such generator sets should operate continuously at ordinary times.


National defense projects, communication hubs, radio stations, microwave relay stations and other important facilities should have standby diesel generator sets. The electricity for facilities of these units is usually supplied by the municipal power grid. However, after power failure due to earthquake, typhoon, war and other natural disasters or human factors, the set diesel generator set shall be able to start quickly and operate continuously for a long time. In order to ensure the continuous power supply of the electrical load of these important units, this standby generator set is also a common type of generator set. The common generator set has a long continuous working time and a large change in load curve. The selection of capacity, number and type of diesel generator set and the operation control mode of the unit are different from those of the emergency generator set.


(1) Determination of capacity of common diesel generator set.


The output power of long-term continuous operation of the unit can meet the selection of the maximum calculated load of the whole project, and the capacity of the standby unit is determined according to the importance of the load. The output power of the diesel generator set for continuous operation is generally 0.9 times of the rated power. The determination of generator output rated voltage is the same as that of emergency generator set, generally 400V. Some projects with large power consumption and far transmission lines can use high-voltage generator sets.


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(2) Determination of the number of common diesel generator sets.


The number of common diesel generator sets is usually more than 2 to ensure the continuity of power supply and adapt to the change of power load curve. Only when the number of units is large, can the number of generator units put into operation be determined according to the change of power load, so that the diesel engine can operate under economic load for a long time, so as to reduce the fuel consumption rate and reduce the power generation cost. The optimal economic operation state of diesel engine is between 75% and 90% of rated power. In order to ensure the continuity of power supply, the common diesel generator set itself should consider setting a standby unit. When the operating unit fails and shuts down for maintenance, the generator set can still meet the requirements of continuous power supply for important electrical loads.


(3) Control of common diesel generator set.


Common diesel generator sets should generally be considered to be able to operate in parallel, so as to simplify the wiring of the main power distribution line, so that when the units start and stop for rotation, the power supply will not be interrupted through parallel operation, load transfer and unit switching. The generator set shall be equipped with measuring and control devices of diesel generator set, and the speed regulating and excitation regulating devices of the unit shall be suitable for parallel operation. For the standby generator set supplying power for important loads, the automatic diesel generator set should be selected. When the external power supply fails to power off, it can be automatically and quickly started to restore the power supply to important loads. When the diesel engine is running, the engine room has a lot of noise, and the automatic unit is easy to be transformed into a compartment operated and automatically monitored generator unit. When the generator set operates normally, the operator can monitor the diesel generator set in the control room without entering the diesel generator set room.


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