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How To Clean And Inspect The Radiator Of The Diesel Generator

Aug. 23, 2021

The diesel generator radiator is used to cool the diesel engine to ensure that no overheating alarm is generated. The radiator is rotated by a fan, from the crankshaft of the engine through a motor or through a series of pulleys and belts. The fan cools the surrounding air through the radiator fins. The heat on the heat sink is transferred to the cold air to heat the cold air and take away the heat from the engine. The main causes of abnormal radiators are scale deposits in pipelines, blockage of radiator fins and radiator pipes, water leakage caused by cracking or desoldering of radiators, and mechanical damage.


1. Check the appearance of the radiator.

First, rinse the radiator core with water to remove the surface dust. If there is oil, use gasoline to clean it. Then check the upper and lower water chambers and cores of the radiator from the outside. There should be no leakage, and the radiator frame cannot be broken or desoldered. If there are debris embedded in the radiator core, it can be cleaned with thin steel wire. If there is lodging, it should be corrected. If the heat sink is skewed or deformed, the heat sink should be repaired.


Second, check whether the radiator is tight. The heat sink should be fastened and reliable, and there is no looseness when shaking back and forth. The distance between the cooling fins and the blades of the water pump fan should be kept proper.


Third, check for leaks or blockages in the connecting pipes of the fluid replacement tank. If any leaks or blockages are found, they should be eliminated to prevent the coolant in the fluid replacement tank from returning to the radiator.


diesel engine

2. Clean the radiator. The radiator should be cleaned when the internal combustion engine is overhauled, and the scale in the radiator should be removed. First disassemble the thermostat, add special cleaning agent and water to the cooling system, and run the diesel engine for 20 minutes. After waiting for cooling, drain the water and detergent, and then direct the water flow from the hose into the radiator to flush out the loose scale. At the same time, backflushing is also required, that is, water flushes the radiator in the opposite direction under pressure.


The radiator can also be cleaned by disassembling the radiator and putting it into the scrubber for cleaning: that is, add 3%-5% sodium carbonate aqueous solution to the scrubber and heat it to 80-90℃. Put the radiator in the scrubber for 5-8 hours and then take it out, and then put the radiator in the warm water pool for cleaning.


3. Check the radiator.

(1) Check whether the radiator is cracked: Place the radiator in the water tank, and the pressure of the compressed air injected from the water inlet of the radiator (blocking other holes) is 0.1MPa. If bubbles emerge from the outside of the radiator, it means that the radiator is seriously corroded . If there are not many gas-swelling parts, it means that it is not serious. You can find the leaking point at the gas-sending part and mark it (picture) for welding repair or other repairs.


(2) Check the silt inside the radiator: According to the amount of water injected into the radiator, you can judge whether the radiator core is silted or blocked. If there is siltation, it should be cleaned up.


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