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How To Choose The Diesel Generator Set Used In The Port

Feb. 28, 2023

I、 Selection of diesel engine.

As the mechanical equipment used in the port, the diesel engine of the unit has no special requirements. Generally speaking, the main imported diesel engine in the market is now adopted, which is mainly industrial, water-cooled, belt-driven closed-circuit cooling (the radiator is required to undergo salt spray resistance treatment), four-stroke, electronically controlled direct injection, turbocharged diesel engine, and has digital speed control device. Generally, Hong Kong tends to choose brands such as Cummins, Carter and Volvo. As a common unit operation, these brands of units can operate in a simple and long-term manner, reducing the time loss caused by the maintenance of the port.


The main diesel engine is required to be equipped with an electronic governor, whose speed regulation performance ensures that the speed of the diesel engine is kept within ± 0.3% of the operating speed when the working load is suddenly increased to the rated value. The running speed of the diesel engine is kept within ± 0.5% in the steady state.


diesel engine

II、 Selection of generator.

In terms of generator selection, the port generally requires the generator to have the following parameters:

1. Excitation mode: permanent magnet synchronous.

2. Adjustment range of no-load voltage: 95%~100% of rated voltage.

3. Steady state regulation rate of voltage.

4. Voltage transient adjustment rate: ≤± 10%

5. Voltage recovery time.

6. Voltage fluctuation rate: ≤ 1%

7. Insulation grade: Grade H.


When the generator is at no-load rated voltage, the waveform distortion rate of line voltage shall not be greater than 2%.


In addition, the generator can work normally and continuously under rated working conditions. The protection grade of the generator is IP23, with air filter screen and without screen cover. In order to prevent insufficient ventilation due to the installation of mesh cover.


Since it is used in a coastal environment, the generator also needs to consider the damage caused by moisture and salt fog environment, so the generator also needs to be equipped with anti-condensation heater with a working voltage of 220V. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider installing winding temperature relay and temperature control box for the unit. This device is an alarm device to prevent winding overheating, which can effectively prevent overheating caused by poor ventilation when the filter screen is blocked.


When the customer needs to display the winding temperature, the winding RTD can also be selected. The winding RTD defaults to PT100 sensor. A multi-function instrument can also be selected to facilitate parameter reading. At the same time, the bearing RTD can also be assembled.


At the same time, the generator shell needs to be protected from salt spray, and the paint film thickness is generally required to reach 240 μ m。


Operation requirements of the unit: the power of the main generator unit can start the lifting mechanism and trolley mechanism at the same time under full load, and accelerate to full speed within the time specified in the operation cycle time chart. The main generator unit shall ensure that the fluctuation of voltage and frequency when the whole machine suddenly accelerates or decelerates under full load does not exceed the technical requirements of electrical equipment such as frequency conversion device, programmable logic controller (PLC) device and lighting system for power fluctuation.


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