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How to Choose Diesel Generator Set in Aquaculture Industry

Jun. 10, 2019

In summer, electricity consumption will be relatively high, the probability of power outage in summer is also relatively high. For the aquaculture industry, once the power cut off in the city, all the equipment can not work properly. In order to avoid unavoidable losses, it is necessary to have a standby diesel generator set. In this article, we mainly talk about how to choose diesel generator set in aquaculture industry.


The traditional aquaculture industry needs more mechanized operation when its scale becomes larger, such as feed processing, aquaculture equipment and ventilation and cooling equipment, While the use of mechanical tools determines that the farming industry's demand for electricity is uninterrupted for a minute, in addition to the normal power supply of municipal power, diesel generating set should also be considered as standby power supply.

 Cummins diesel generator

In the process of breeding, the most important thing is to ventilate and cool down. The high temperature in summer makes the relatively closed breeding workshop have higher temperature and higher temperature.


Once all the equipment stops working, the phenomenon of high temperature and unobstructed ventilation will appear first. If there is no diesel generating set to provide store power for ventilation and cooling equipment to continue to work, the problem of mass casualties and injuries of farm animals will occur because of the high temperature, the losses caused by these conditions are much greater than the cost of a diesel generator set. Therefore, the adoption of diesel generator set as a backup power supply by the breeding enterprises must be considered and implemented.


Mechanized operation reduces labor costs, at the same time, also increases reliance on electricity. Therefore, Starlight Power suggests that the spare power supply should be taken into account in the early stage of the construction of the aquaculture industry, so as to ensure that these mechanized equipments can serve the enterprises effectively. Diesel generator set is the best choice as the spare power supply, and the aquaculture enterprises must select the appropriate generator set according to their own needs.


Generally, there are two kinds of equipment in aquaculture farm. One is the oxygen supply equipment in aquaculture. The other is the crusher, which needs to be operated for a long time. It uses 1-2 hours a day. The special machine takes longer than the standby one. Generally, farm purchases diesel generators to use as standby generators. The power supply requirement is higher and have strong dependence on power supply for farm enterprises. When power interruption occurs, diesel generators play a role as standby generators and drive power equipment to work outward.


So how to choose the accurate generator set to achieve the highest cost performance? Here Starlight Power give you some suggestion.


When aquaculture enterprises purchase diesel generator set, should consider comprehensively the number and power of electric equipment, the location of generator set, the owner's budget, and the automation level of generator set and various services of generator manufacturers, etc.


The starting current of many machines is large, usually 2-3 times, which requires that the ratio of generators should be more than 2 times or even 3 times (water pump). Such as a 12kw grinder, if separate matching with diesel generator set, need 2 to 2.5 times, so it is better to choose 30kw diesel generator set. Of course, Of course, the ratio here is not 2-3 times the total load of all machines, the most important consideration is the load of the first three machines. Of course, this situation refers to the operation by someone, in the case of starting machines one by one.

 Shangchai generator

Here is another way to choose diesel generator set. For example, the total load of equipment in farm is 53kw, the largest load of some machines are 24 kw, 12 kW and 7.5 kw, etc., if matching with more than 2 times, 120kw diesel generator set will can start normally in simultaneous start up. But actually, do not need to start up simultaneously. Like this machine, can start up by single. First start up 24kw machine, then start up 12kw, last start up 7.5kw, after start up big power machine, start up all remainder machine. So that it is enough to choose 75kw diesel generator set.


Now when users choose diesel generator set, maybe the price is the most important for all most users, however, factors such as genset configuration, performance and after-sales are neglected. This often results in the failure of the purchased generators to operate properly or at all. Even if it can be used, it can not get normal after-sales service. So the diesel generator set will lose its real value. When choose diesel generator set, we should pay attention to somethings as follows:

1.The users should know what kind of electric equipment is used and how much power is used at farm. Whether the generator set is used as the main or standby power source, the power of the generator set is determined;

2.The users should confirm the use environment of the generator set, whether it is used outdoors or indoors, and whether it needs to be moved frequently. To finalize the style of generator set: fixed generator set, mobile generator set, silent generator set, or equipped with noise reduction room, etc;

3.If it is used frequently and for a long time, it is recommended to buy a better genset. If it is rarely used and only used for a short time, then general genset can be considered. After all, the price of different diesel generators will vary greatly;

4.Configuration of generator set. Mainly diesel engine, generator and control system. The quality of diesel engine and generator is directly related to voltage stability and service life. It is better to use automatic control for control systems.


Starlight recommends Cummins, Shangchai, Yuchai diesel generator set for aquaculture industry, because the quality is high and high cost performance ratio. Power range is from 20kw to 2500kw, wide power for you to select. If you have purchase plan, please contact us directly by email sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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