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How To Choose Diesel For Diesel Generator

Jul. 21, 2021

After the diesel generator is installed, before putting it into normal operation, the diesel should be selected correctly and the corresponding storage method should be paid attention to. The following is a detailed introduction from Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd., a professional diesel generator manufacturer.


1. Diesel viscosity is the main indicator that affects the degree of atomization. It shows the sparseness of diesel and the difficulty of flowing. Large viscosity, large oil droplets during injection, long injection distance, but poor dispersion, uneven gas mixing, diesel generators are prone to smoke when working, and fuel consumption increases. As the temperature decreases, the viscosity increases. The opposite is the opposite.


2. Main characteristics of diesel. The lowest temperature for auto-ignition of diesel generators is called diesel auto-ignition temperature. The spontaneous combustion performance of diesel generators is expressed by the cetane number. The higher the cetane number, the lower the auto-ignition temperature and the easier it is to catch fire. But too high or too low cetane number is harmful to human body. The cetane number is too high, easy to catch fire, and works mildly, but the stability is poor, the fuel consumption rate is high, the cetane number is low, and the diesel generator works rough. Generally, the diesel generator uses a diesel decal value of 30-60.


diesel generator set

3. The fluidity of diesel is mainly expressed by freezing point. What we call freezing point is the temperature at which diesel fuel loses its fluidity. If the temperature of the diesel is lower than the freezing point, the diesel will not flow, the fuel supply will be interrupted, and the diesel generator will not operate normally. Therefore, the freezing point is the main basis for selecting diesel.


4. Choose diesel. The diesel engine should be selected according to the speed, the area of use and the season. Generally speaking, diesel generators with a rated speed above 1000r/min should use light diesel. No.10 light diesel is suitable for high-speed diesel generators with preheating equipment. No.0 light diesel is suitable for areas where the minimum temperature is higher than 4℃. No.-10 light diesel is suitable for areas where the low temperature is above -5°C. No.-20 light diesel is suitable for areas where the temperature is lower than -14°C. No.-35 light diesel is suitable for areas where the low temperature is above -29°C. Light diesel oil is suitable for areas with low temperature-above 44℃. For heavy oil, diesel generators with rated speeds of 500-1000r/min should choose grade 10, diesel generators with rated speeds of 300-700r/min should choose grade 20, and those with rated speeds of 300-700r/min should choose grade 30. .


5. Diesel specification. Our diesel is divided into light diesel and heavy diesel. Light oil has good volatility. It is divided into three grades: excellent, first-class and qualified according to its quality. Each grade is divided into 10, 0, -10, -20, -35, -50, etc. According to its freezing point to indicate the freezing point temperature. Heavy diesel oil has poor volatility, high density and viscosity, and many impurities. According to different viscosity, heavy diesel oil is divided into No. 10, 20, and 30. The greater the amount, the greater the viscosity.


Selection and storage of diesel for diesel generators


How to store and transport the diesel for the above diesel generator sets? Diesel generators are flammable and explosive. It is best not to store oil tanks in places exposed to high temperatures or strong direct sunlight, avoid high-temperature exposure in summer, and there must be no flammable materials around, and no fire sources such as open flames within one meter of the surrounding area. In addition, there are 3 points to note:


1. Anti-static.

Everyone knows that the diesel used in diesel generator sets is a poor conductor. The friction between oil molecules, diesel oil and other substances will generate static electricity during the transportation and filling process, and its electricity will increase with the increase of friction. If it is not led out in time, flashover (ie electrostatic discharge) will occur between the two charged objects, and electric sparks will be generated. Therefore, anti-static measures must be taken during the transportation and storage of diesel.


2.Fire and explosion prevention.

Diesel generator is a flammable substance, when its steam is exposed to an open flame at a high temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, it will explode. Pay attention to fire and explosion prevention in storage and use.


3. Prevent poisoning.

The main hazards of diesel generators to farmers are skin contact, and it is unlikely that the human body will be poisoned by inhaling vapor. Agricultural manipulators must strictly abide by the relevant operating procedures.


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