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How To Check The Spray Quality And Air Tightness Of Diesel Generators

Jan. 25, 2022

Tips for verifying spray quality with diesel generator injector detector:

Install the injector on the diesel generator tester, shake the joystick at 60-70 per minute, and judge the quality of the injector according to the injection state of the injector.


The specific requirements for injector spray are as follows:

1. The sprayed fuel should be atomized, small and evenly distributed, there should be no obvious splashing oil droplets and continuous oil droplets, and there should be no local unevenness of concentration and dilution.


2. Before and at the end of the injection, it should be obvious and accompanied by a crisp sound, there should be no dripping oil before and after injection, after multiple injections, the vicinity of the injection port should be kept dry or slightly wet.


3. The spray cone angle, usually centered on the center line of the nozzle, forms a cone spray of about 4°.


Inspection method: place a piece of white paper 100-200mm directly below the injector, shake the handle to make the injector spray at one time, measure the diameter D of the oil stain on the white paper and the distance from the fuel injection port H is the spray cone angle.



Friendly reminder: If it does not meet the requirements, the fuel injector should be cleaned. If the requirements are still not met after cleaning, the fuel injector should be replaced.


diesel generator

Diesel generator fuel injector calibrator fuel injector air tightness test:

Shake the joystick by hand. When the pressure value of the pressure gauge on the tester is less than 2MPa, slowly shake the handle to make the oil pressure rise slowly and evenly, and carefully observe whether there is fuel adhesion on the surface around the injector. The injector is well sealed and can slightly wet the fuel, but there must be no accumulation of oil. Otherwise, clean and grind the fuel valve of the fuel injector. If it still cannot be solved, replace the fuel injector.


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