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How To Check And Repair The Radiator Of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 21, 2023

In the entire body of the Cummins diesel generator set, the cooling water tank plays a very important role in ensuring the normal operation of the unit. If it is used improperly, the light will damage the diesel engine and the generator set, and in more serious cases, the diesel engine may be scrapped. The most common fault of the radiator is water leakage. After the radiator is found to be leaking, the radiator should be cleaned first, and then the water leakage inspection should be carried out. When checking, you can use the following two methods:


1. Block the inlet and outlet of the radiator, install a joint from the overflow pipe or drain plug, and inject 0.15-0.3kgf/square centimeter of compressed air. Put the radiator in the sink. If there are bubbles, it is a leak.


2. Check with the method of irrigation. When checking, block the inlet and outlet of the radiator, and after filling the water inlet with water, observe whether there is water leakage. In order to facilitate the discovery of small cracks, a certain pressure can be applied to the radiator or the radiator can be slightly vibrated, and then carefully observe , there will be water seepage at the leak.


If the leak of the radiator is found, it must be repaired in time. Here are two repair methods for you:


1. Welding repair of upper and lower water chambers.

When the leakage of the upper and lower water chambers is not large, it can be repaired with solder directly. If the leakage is large, use purple steel to repair it. When welding repair, first apply a layer of solder on one side of the steel skin and the leaking place, place the steel skin on the leaking place, and then heat it externally with a soldering iron to melt the solder and weld the surrounding area firmly.


Cummins Power Generator Set

2. Welding and repair of radiator water pipes.

If the water pipe on the outer layer of the radiator is broken and the break is not large, the heat sink near the water pipe can be removed a little with needle-nose pliers and repaired with solder directly. If the crack is large or the middle water pipe leaks, the methods of stuck pipe, blocked pipe, takeover and pipe replacement should be flexibly handled according to the specific situation. However, the number of stuck pipes and blocked pipes should not exceed 10% of the total number of pipes, so as not to affect the heat dissipation effect of the radiator.


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