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How To Check And Correct The Torsion Of Connecting Rod

Mar. 09, 2023

Inspection and correction of connecting rod twist.


1. Torsion inspection.

When checking the torsion of the connecting rod, make the piston pin close to the side of the slot block seat and observe the clearance on both sides. If the clearance is different, it means that the connecting rod is twisted. The gap difference on both sides should be within the range of 0.05~0.1mm. If it exceeds this value, it should be corrected.


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2. Correction of distortion.

The method to correct the distortion of connecting rod is to clamp the two levers for correcting the distortion on both sides of the connecting rod. A lever without screw hole should be placed on the side with large clearance. Gradually tighten the pressure screw to force the two levers to separate from each other. Gradually twist the connecting rod back and check it while correcting until the connecting rod is corrected.


When there is no connecting rod corrector, the pipe wrench can be used for correction. The method is as follows: clamp the big end of the connecting rod on the vise, use the pipe wrench to straighten according to the twisting direction, and check it while correcting until it is corrected.


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