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How to Analyze The Failure of Diesel Generators

Jul. 15, 2021

When trouble occurred to the the diesel generator, the operator should carefully, timely analyze the characteristics of the fault which can be help to find the trouble reasons. As a professional diesel generator set, generator manufacturer, Starlight will make the following suggestions.

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1. Judging that the fault must be integrity, and there is a comprehensiveness of the troubleshooting. The troubleshooting operation is a system engineering to see the diesel generators as a whole (a system), and cannot be used as a set of components. A system, agency or component is faulty, inevitably involved in other systems, institutions, or components. Therefore, for the failure of each system, agency or component, it is necessary to be absolutely treated absolutely, but must consider the impact of other systems and the impact itself, thereby analyzing the failure cause, and performing a comprehensive examination exclude.

The entire situation of failure should be fully understood to the operator and make necessary inspections and analysis. General procedures for the analysis of diesel generators: Understand the failure phenomenon → Understand the use of diesel generators → Understand the history of maintenance → on-site observation → fault analysis and exclude.

2. Finding faults should be disassembled as much as possible, and disassemble can only be used as the last means taken after being analyzed. When deciding this step, it must be guided by knowledge such as structural and mechanism principles, and establishing a scientific analysis. It can be performed in the case where you have a proper state of restoration and whether it will not cause adverse consequences. Otherwise, not only the time to eliminate the fault, but also may be damaged or new faults that the engine is not necessarily.

3. Don’t be and blindness mentality. When the diesel generator suddenly fails or generally determines the cause of the fault, and the fault will affect the normal operation of the diesel generator. You should close it in time. When it is judged that a larger fault or diesel generator suddenly shut down, it should be subjected to timely disassembly and repair. For failures that cannot be immediately identified, the diesel generator can be operated with low-speed airborne, and then observe the analysis to avoid a bigger accident.

When encountering more serious, it may cause a disruptive damage to the problem of failure, cut the luck, blindness. When it is not possible to find a fault, the engine cannot be easily started, otherwise it will further expand the degree of fault damage and even cause major accidents.

4. Pay attention to investigation, research and reasonable analysis. The problem of each occurrence of the fault, especially large fault, recorded on the operating book for the next maintenance reference. Investigations, research and understand the process and status of the management and maintenance of diesel generators, mainly what the machine often does something fault, what is the part; the maintenance is replaced; inspection and assembly of gap data, etc. The understanding of the status quo is mainly what measures have been taken before and after the diesel generator appear before and after the failure. By understanding these problems, the ideas are directed to the direction in which the fault may be large, it is easy to make correct analysis and judgment.

5. Follow the principle of "from simplification from the form, the table and in the system, according to the segmentation, reasoning inspection", and the meaning of "simultaneously, the form and the form" is clear, and the failure should not be seen when it is required to find the fault. Complex, analyzing the troubleshooting, like a general working method, always from the short and far, by the table and in. "According to the segmentation, reasoning inspection", there is a level, and it is in line with the mechanism to analyze the judgment fault. For example, the diesel generator exhausts the fault of black smoke, mainly related to the two systems, one is, the exhaust system, the second is the fuel system. In, the exhaust system is insufficient, or too leaked? The fuel system is too much oil, or the reason for atomizing quality, injecting pressure and injection time. Then check according to the system, check one exclusion of a doubt, gradually narrow the fault range, and finally identify the real cause of the fault.

Starlight is a professional generator manufacturers integrating manufacturing, sales, maintenance, with professional manufacturing technology, modern production technology, strong technical research and development strength, advanced testing equipment, perfect quality management system. Different customer needs can meet the needs of various specifications models and the maintenance schemes for different units. More about generators' detailed knowledge, welcome to email us sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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