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How To Adjust The Engine Speed Of Cummins Diesel Generator PT Pump

Aug. 18, 2021

Cummins diesel generator set adopts Cummins' patented PT fuel system, which not only meets environmental protection emissions, but also has higher reliability, durability, power and economy.


For the Cummins PT fuel system, the fuel pump simply outputs low-pressure oil without high-pressure tubing, so there will be no pressure wave at high speeds, and the plunger drops quickly and the hole diameter is small, so as to achieve the maximum pressure, which is beneficial to fuel atomization, full combustion, good emissions and economy. Diesel engine fuel stop is the use of fuel cutoff valve to close the fuel circuit, resulting in no fuel supply and stop running.


The on-vehicle adjustment of the PT fuel pump of Cummins diesel engine depends on the status of the diesel engine, the equipment load and the accuracy of the instrument. The method of checking the speed adjustment under different working conditions is as follows:


diesel engine

1. Idling speed: When the diesel engine is running, all air in the internal combustion engine is exhausted so that the diesel engine reaches the working temperature, the screw plug is unscrewed from the spring assembly cover of the PT-G two-stage governor, the idle speed is adjusted, and the adjustment is screwed in. The screw can increase the idling speed, and adjusting the screw can reduce the idling speed.


PT oil pump adopts MVS whole process adjustment. Its maximum speed and idle speed adjustment screw are on the governor cover. After adjustment, tighten the lock nut immediately to prevent air from entering the fuel pump.


This series of diesel engines have recommended idling speeds, which can be adjusted reasonably. If it is too large, it will be difficult to hang up, and if it is too low, it will easily stall.


If the idling speed is unstable, it is related to the governor plunger. Check the extension of the fly hammer to assist the plunger.


2. Maximum speed (accelerator pedal stepped on): The PT fuel pump test bench is usually used to calibrate the maximum speed. Generally, the method of increasing or reducing the speed-regulating high-speed spring gasket is used. If the test bench is adjusted, it does not need to be replaced.


Maximum no-load speed inspection method: Put the transmission in neutral or the clutch is in the disengaged state, and open the throttle valve. At this time, the maximum speed of the diesel engine is 10%-12% higher than the breakpoint speed of the governor. When it exceeds the specified value, the governor components should be checked for failure or whether the components are suitable.


3. Speed of governor from break point: When the throttle valve is fully opened, increase the load until the speed drops to at least 10r/min lower than the rated speed, and then gradually reduce the load, while observing the fuel outlet pressure gauge (When the load decreases, the fuel outlet pressure will increase until the governor starts to limit the speed, and then as the load decreases, the fuel outlet pressure will begin to drop), this is the disconnect point of the governor.If its speed is lower than the rated speed of the diesel engine, it will not play a limiting role (for example, the speed of the diesel engine is 2100r/min, and the speed adjustment value is 2120r/min). When the speed at the breakpoint of the governor is higher or lower than the specified value, the gasket behind the high-speed spring of the governor can be reduced or increased accordingly until the breakpoint speed of the governor is checked again to reach the specified value.


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