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How Should A New Diesel Generator Or An Overhauled Engine Be Accepted

Aug. 25, 2021

Newly purchased diesel generators should be inspected for starting, governor and accessories, such as check the tools, parts and accessories on the vehicle one by one, check whether the appearance of the diesel generator is standardized, whether the external components are intact, etc.


1.Acceptance should be carried out when purchasing diesel generators.


(1)Read the instructions carefully to understand the performance, structural characteristics and use methods of the generator, and check the tools, spare parts and accessories one by one, so as to be aware of it.


(2)Appearance inspection and acceptance. Check whether the external parts of the diesel generator are complete, whether they are installed correctly, whether the surface is peeled off, whether the bolts and nuts are tight, and whether the split pins are locked. If necessary, you can apply to the sales department to supplement the list of tools, spare parts, and accessories or to replace them.


2.Inspection of newly purchased diesel generators. For newly purchased diesel generators, the following points should be checked.


(1)Start inspection. Add fuel, lubricant and coolant as required. Shake the crankshaft to observe whether it works normally, and judge whether the compression stroke pressure of the diesel generator is normal by the hand feeling. When starting the diesel generator, if it fails to start, stop and check whether the starting method, the position of the unloading handle are correct, and whether the fuel injection sound is clear. If it is winter, the influence of the season must be considered. If it can be started within the range of three times, it indicates that the starting performance is good.


(2)Check the governor. Hold the throttle, and observe whether the speed of the diesel generator increases with the increase of the throttle, and whether the speed regulation is sensitive. if the speed of the diesel generator drops sharply with the sharp contraction of the throttle, it is stable at the lowest speed without stalling, indicating the governor is working normally.


(3)Inspection of parts and components. Attention should be paid to check whether the accessories, special tools and instruction manuals that come with the diesel generator are complete, and whether there is any collision or damage to the appearance of the diesel generator.


diesel engine

3.Overhaul the diesel generator. After the internal combustion engine is overhauled, when the user accepts, in addition to the inspection and acceptance of the diesel generator according to the previous acceptance requirements for the new diesel generator, the key inspections should also be.


(1)Whether the appearance of the diesel generator is installed in specifications, and whether the oil circuit and gas circuit are tightly sealed.


(2) Pay attention to whether the relevant bolts and connection parts are fastened or not. Pay attention to the sound, smell, pattern, and look of the diesel generator during trial operation after overhaul. Hearing whether there is abnormal sound in the diesel generator and chassis. Smelling whether there is a burning smell and exhaust smoke. Feeling whether the temperature of the diesel generator parts is too high, the normal working temperature of the coolant should be 75-95 ℃, and look at the engine the normal working temperature of the components should be 75-95℃.


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