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How Many Years Can The Service Life Of Diesel Generator Set Reach

Sep. 17, 2021

Due to the various advantages of diesel generator sets, most companies in the industrial field have already equipped diesel generator sets. During power outages, diesel generator sets can ensure the normal operation of the business. Therefore, users are more concerned about the service life of diesel generator sets. One of the problems is also a factor that users pay more attention to when purchasing units.


According to generator manufacturers, the expected service life of diesel generator sets mainly depends on two factors: generator power and maintenance methods. Other influencing factors include: the brand and quality of the generator, the power of the generator engine, and the environmental conditions of the unit. Please follow Jiangsu Starlight  Power to find out about it.


1. Generator power.

When it comes to the efficiency of diesel generators, power is important. This is why you should determine the size of the load on the machine you plan to run with the generator. If you use up to 90% of the generator's load capacity, there is no doubt that it will have a longer service life. It ensures that the generator always gets enough combustion pressure to hold its piston ring in place. However, using a smaller diesel generator to obtain a larger load will shorten its service life. Under these special circumstances, insufficient load on the generator will damage its life expectancy.


2. Maintenance practices.

Whether it is a natural gas generator or a diesel generator, any well-maintained generator has a longer service life than a poorly-maintained generator. In order to keep your generator running for several hours, it is important to maintain it regularly. Don't wait for the power outage to run the generator. The overall maintenance of the generator includes regular oil or air replacement, fuel filter replacement, and checking for any changes in performance.


Pro tip: Don’t forget to check if your generator produces sound, smoke, vibration or consumes more fuel than before. These signs may indicate a potential problem that needs to be fixed.


diesel engine

3. General life expectancy.

The diesel generator can last at least 15,000 hours to at most 50,000 hours before it needs to be repaired. Ultimately, the life expectancy of any single generator will depend on factors such as generator selection and preventive maintenance practices. The life of the generator also depends on the number of hours it runs each year. For example, a generator that runs 650 hours per year can work for up to 30 years to achieve a life expectancy of 20,000 hours. Similarly, if the generator works longer in a year, its life will be shortened.


The life expectancy of the generator depends on factors such as exercise and maintenance. In order to prolong the service life of the generator, it is very important to give priority to the running time of the generator regardless of power failure. By regularly using the generator and performing regular maintenance, you will find that the life expectancy of the generator can be greatly increased.


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