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How to Maintain the Diesel Generator Set During Daily Debugging

Aug. 12, 2021

How to maintain the diesel generator set during the daily debugging? First of all, we have to replace the fuel. Nowadays, the diesel on the market can be applied to different temperatures according to different brands. Therefore, before the arrival of winter, we must first understand how low the local winter temperature was in previous years. Choose diesel with a suitable temperature below the minimum temperature of 3 to 5℃. Generally, the minimum temperature of diesel in winter ranges from minus 29℃ to minus 8℃. You can choose according to your needs.

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Using antifreeze, antifreeze can make the diesel generator set work effectively in winter. Under normal circumstances, you should choose an antifreeze with a freezing point of 10℃ lower than the local minimum temperature. Antifreeze generally has a color, and it can be found in time when it leaks. Once it is found, the leak should be wiped dry and the leak should be checked, and repaired in time. There is also regular replacement of the antifreeze to prevent its failure. The engine oil at room temperature is different from the engine oil at a colder temperature. The engine oil at room temperature will increase in viscosity and friction in cold winter, which will affect the rotation of diesel generator sets and increase fuel consumption, so it is necessary Replace the special engine oil in winter, because the engine oil used in winter at normal temperature may fail and cause equipment failure.

Replace the filter element. In winter, the air is thinner and dry. The dust on the ground is scattered in the air by mechanical vibration, so it needs to be replaced more frequently. Otherwise, the dust in the air will not only affect the purity and combustion of the oil, but also enter the cylinder wear equipment. Warm-up work. When the outside air is cold, the diesel generator set needs to run at low speed for 3 to 5 minutes to increase the temperature of the whole machine, and then check, everything is normal before it can be used normally, otherwise the compressed gas will hardly reach the natural temperature of diesel. At the same time, the sudden speed-up operation should be reduced during operation.

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