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How Long Can The Generator Run On Different Fuels

Nov. 01, 2021

The running time of the generator will depend on the size of the fuel tank, the connected appliances and the type of fuel used. Therefore, you can now determine how much fuel needs to be stored in order to run the generator within a predetermined time. In addition, in order to avoid this problem when the generator is running, you can use a dual-fuel generator so that you can use any fuel according to your convenience instead of relying on the fuel on hand.


The time the generator runs on 3.8L gasoline.

Gasoline is the favorite fuel for most homeowners because it is easily available, but they are a bit expensive. Gasoline generates electricity more efficiently than any other fuel. It is highly flammable, so storing large amounts is not a good idea; it can cause fires and explosions.


Now, to get back to business, the running time of the generator depends on the size of the fuel tank and the connected load. If a 5000-watt generator has 68L of fuel in its tank, it will run for 24 hours. The fuel tank size of any portable generator is unrealistic and impractical.


But it can help users determine the operating time of a 5000-watt generator with 1 gallon of fuel. Suppose the generator is an inverter generator, which can last for 7 to 10 hours. You can expect that a gallon of gasoline will run for no less than 5 hours.


Generator operating time of 19L gasoline generator.

Starlight Power reminds you that running time is a variable and many factors will affect it. The most important factor is the number of equipment plugged into the generator. Some generators on the market must provide perfect running time and power output.


generator set

Generally speaking, a 5000 watt generator can run for 8 hours using 19L of gas. But this largely depends on the energy you draw from the generator. If the connected load is low to medium, then you may be able to get more than 12 hours of running time from the generator, sometimes even 24 hours.


However, even if the generator is running at full capacity, you should not expect to run for less than 8 hours.


When using propane, how long can electricity be used?


Propane is now becoming more and more popular due to its longer shelf life and very efficient operation. It will not deteriorate for up to 12 years, and it does not have any stabilizers. Propane has storage tanks of various sizes. For portable applications, they can be packed in a small 25-pound tank, while for backup power requirements, people generally install a larger water tank at home.


The general size generators in this house are 5kw, 7kw, and 12kw. They can run some heavy equipment, and if the house is small, they can even power all the electrical appliances in the house. For a 380L propane tank, a 7kw generator provides 66 hours of running time, while for the same situation, a 12kw generator will run for 36 hours.


If the generator is 5000 kilowatts and the fuel tank is 18927L, yes, people will install a larger fuel tank because the propane will not deteriorate. The running time will be 920 hours. If used on a 22 kg, propane tank, then this 5000 kilowatt generator can provide one and a half hours of running time.


If we talk about a smaller generator, a 3000 kilowatt generator, the 18927L propane tank provides 1,200 hours of running time. However, for portable use, at a 23 kg, propane tank, the running time will be 50 to 60 minutes.


How long does the diesel generator run?

Whether it is a large residential, hospital or other commercial building, diesel generators are the main backup power source used to provide large amounts of electricity. They use diesel generators as a backup power source.


In addition to the generator, the owner also keeps a large amount of diesel at hand, so that he can quickly refuel without any trouble. The running time of the generator will depend on the load it powers and the total fuel you have. Therefore, what we have to do is to provide the operating time of the diesel generator under various loads, which are related to the number of gallons of diesel used per hour. From this, you can easily calculate how long your generator can run based on the fuel on hand.


Assuming that a 20kw generator runs at a quarter of its total load capacity, it will consume 2.3L of fuel per hour. When the load is increased to half, the fuel consumption will be 3.4L per hour. Now, as the generator load increases to 3/4 and reaches full load, the diesel used per hour is 5L and 6L gallons respectively.


At the end of our discussion, Guangxi Power hopes that you have obtained all the necessary information about the fuel consumption of the generator and its operating time. The generator is a very useful tool, especially in the case of prolonged power outages. So, when one of the longer power outages, with this information, you will be ready to have enough fuel to survive the storm.


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