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How Is The Voltage And Current Test Of The Diesel Generator Battery Performed

Aug. 20, 2021

Diesel generator is composed of a variety of battery combinations, including a large number of metal sheets and electrolyte. Electric current is a chemical reaction, and this chemical reaction is reversible. In other words, the battery can be charged and discharged repeatedly. The voltage and current test methods of the battery pack include load test, 3-minute charging test, and battery external circuit leakage test.


1. Load test. The best test method for lead batteries is load test. During the test, in order to ensure that the correct results are obtained, the battery power is required to be at least 75%. If the electrolyte density is less than 1.22g/cm3 and the initial voltage is less than 1.24V, then the test should be carried out after fully charged with sufficient electricity.


High voltage discharge meter can be used to detect the load of the battery. The 12V overall battery high-rate discharger has two types: variable current type and invariable current type. The most widely used in my country is the invariable current type, as shown in the figure. In the test, forcefully insert the positive and negative poles of the discharge meter for 15 seconds. If the battery can be maintained above 9.6V, it means that the battery performance is good, but the power is insufficient. If it can be stabilized at 10.6~1.6V, it means that the battery has enough power. If the voltage drops sharply, it means that the battery is damaged.


Using a variable load high rate discharge meter, 3 times the Qe value can be used as the test current. The battery uses 180A as the rated load current value, and satisfactory performance can be obtained in most cases.


When the incomparable discharger starts the system normally, the starter can be used as the test load. The steps are as follows: (1) Unplug the center line of the distributor and mount the iron. (2) Connect the digital voltmeter to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. (3) Connect the starter for 15 seconds, and read the voltmeter. For a 12V battery, the reading of the voltmeter cannot be lower than 9.6V.


2. Three minutes charging test. This test is to determine whether a fully charged battery can continue to be used. Disassemble the battery and charge it continuously on the 12V battery for 3 minutes, the current does not exceed 40A. After charging for 3 minutes, if the charging voltage exceeds 15.5V, the battery is faulty and should be replaced. If it does not exceed 15.5V, you can continue charging according to the charging time recommended by the manufacturer.

diesel engine

3. Leakage test of the external circuit of the battery. Leak test is used to determine whether there are still some electronic components or parts consuming the power of the battery when all circuits are cut off. The method used is as follows:


(1) Scraping method: Cut off all switches, close the door, remove the battery, build the wire, and scrape the negative terminal of the battery. If there is a spark, the circuit is leaking.


(2) Light test method: After disconnecting the ground wire, use a low-power test light to string the negative terminal of the battery pack and the ground wire between the power cord. If the test light is on, it means that the circuit is leaking.


(3)Pressure gauge or ammeter test: Some electronic components, such as automobiles or construction machinery, consume electricity even if they are all disconnected, but the value is very small. These include digital clocks, electronic tuning (radio memory) radios, and diodes for engine control microcomputers. In order to detect the power consumption of electronic components when the ignition switch is cut off, pressure gauges and ammeters can be used for testing.


During the test, remove the ground wire of the battery, connect the positive meter rod of the voltmeter to the iron wire, and connect the negative meter rod to the negative terminal of the battery. The voltage display value should be slightly less than the electrostatic potential of the battery. If the static electromotive force of the battery is 12.6V, if the measured voltage is 12.2V, it indicates that the circuit is normal, which can ensure that the battery will not leak for a long time. For example, when using an ammeter to measure, you can first measure with a high range, and then lower to a low range as needed to get accurate readings.


4. Multimeter resistance test: Remove the iron wire from the battery, connect the multimeter pen to the iron wire and the positive lead of the battery respectively, the resistance value is not less than 100Ω, otherwise the battery will leak too fast.


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