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How Does The Diesel Generator Start And How Does It Work

Jul. 30, 2021

The start of a diesel generator is to start a stationary diesel generator. From static to moving, the object must have an external force. When the diesel generator starts, the energy of the external starting device is consumed to make the crankshaft rotate. However, the crankshaft does not rotate to ensure that the air-fuel mixture is burned in the cylinder.


Due to the low speed, the compressed air in the cylinder dissipates heat to the cylinder wall for a long time during the compression process, and the heat dissipation is large, which makes the compression end temperature lower, and the air leakage through the air ring is also more, which will also reduce it. Secondly, when the speed is low, the plunger of the fuel injection pump moves at a low speed, the fuel atomization is not good, and it is not easy to ignite and burn. The conditions to ensure the first ignition of the diesel generator: 1. The end temperature of the fuel compression must be greater than the spontaneous ignition point (about 270℃ for light diesel). 2. The atomization effect of the fuel injected into the cylinder is good. This situation can only be achieved when the diesel generator runs to a certain speed. The minimum speed for one ignition is called the minimum starting speed.


diesel generator

After the diesel generator is switched on, the starter circuit will be energized, and the attraction coil and the holding coil of the relay will be energized, generating strong magnetic force, attracting the iron core to move to the left, and driving the driving rod to rotate around the pin shaft to make the gear mesh with the flywheel ring gear . At the same time, since the current of the attracting coil passes through the winding of the motor, the armature starts to rotate, and the gear moves during the rotation to reduce the impact. After the starter pinion is extended, it meshes with the flywheel ring gear of the diesel generator, and the diesel generator starts to rotate. The higher the engine speed, the higher the starting speed, the diesel generator can run on its own, and the starting process will also end. After starting, the starting device will return to its original position.


The operator can set various process control times of diesel generators, including pre-heating or pre-lubrication time before starting, starting delay time, starting limit, starting speed limit, idling idling delay. The unit adopts a set speed limit to protect against low oil, multiple unsuccessful starts, high temperature, low oil volume, and low battery voltage. The power-on process is over and the system enters the normal monitoring state.


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