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How Diesel Generator Crankcase Ventilation Works

Sep. 02, 2022

During the working process of the diesel generator set, the combustible mixture in the cylinder and part of the exhaust gas after combustion enter the crankcase through the gap between the piston, the piston ring and the cylinder wall, and the unburned fuel oil and water vapor in the exhaust gas condense. Dilute the oil, thus affecting the lubrication, which has a great impact on the unit. At this time, the role of the crankcase ventilation device is particularly obvious.

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Starlight will take you here to understand the crankcase ventilation device. First of all, the acid and sulfide in the exhaust gas will cause strong corrosion to the engine parts; the exhaust gas will also cause the pressure in the crankcase to rise, damage the seal of the engine, and cause the engine to leak oil. The function of the crankcase ventilation device is to extract these gases from the crankcase in time to ensure the normal lubrication of the lubrication system, prolong the service life of the oil, prevent leakage, and ensure that the engine parts are not corroded.

So how does the crankcase ventilation work? There are 2 methods: one is that the ventilation port designed in the crankcase is directly connected to the atmosphere, which is called natural ventilation; the other is that the ventilation port designed in the crankcase is connected to the engine intake pipe, and the vacuum degree of the suction is used. The effect is to make the gas in the crankcase be sucked into the cylinder and burn again, which is called forced ventilation.

(1) Natural ventilation

The ventilation method in which the gas extracted from the crankcase is directly introduced into the atmosphere is called natural ventilation. Diesel engines mostly use this natural crankcase ventilation method.

(2) Forced ventilation

The gas extracted from the crankcase is introduced into the intake pipe of the engine and sucked into the cylinder for combustion. This ventilation method is called forced ventilation, and gasoline engines generally use this crankcase forced ventilation method, which can recycle the mixed gas that escapes into the crankcase, which is beneficial to improve the economy of the engine.

The reasonable setting of the crankcase ventilation device is also the key to solving the black smoke, blue smoke and other faults of the diesel generator set. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to it, and do inspection and maintenance in the daily process, so as to create a safe and effective operation for the diesel generator set. good environment.

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