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How Can We Reduce The Wear And Tear Of The Cylinder

Aug. 31, 2023

The wear of diesel generator cylinder generally refers to the wear in the circumferential direction of the cylinder cross section of the power generation equipment, which is usually an irregular ellipse, which is related to factors such as engine structure and working conditions. The following is a detailed explanation of the three reasons why the cylinder of diesel generators is out of round and worn.


1. Structural factors interfere with the side valve engine. Due to the scouring effect of the fresh mixture entering the cylinder of the diesel generator on the vicinity of the intake valve relative to the cylinder wall, its temperature is reduced. In addition, the destruction of the lubricating oil film by the small oil droplets in the mixture creates the conditions for the production of acidic species. Acidic substances may directly corrode the cylinder walls, accelerating the wear here. Therefore, the cylinder wall opposite to the intake valve and the cooling water jacket and the vicinity of the cylinder wall with the highest cooling efficiency suffer the most wear, causing the cylinder to be out of round in the circumferential direction. Therefore, in different structures of the internal combustion engine, the length axis of the cylinder out-of-roundness is different.


2. The quality of the assembled products that interfere with the assembly of the crank connecting rod cannot meet the assembly technical specifications, such as connecting rod deformation, excessive offset, excessive connecting rod neck cone, non-vertical cylinder or main bearing centerline, improper installation of cylinder liner, crankshaft shaft Wait for the gap.


3. The interference of the pressure on the piston side, whether it is compression or expansion, will damage the lubricating film, accelerate the wear on both sides of the cylinder, and cause the cylinder to lose its circle along the circumference. To mitigate this wear, some engines have enhanced splash lubrication.


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The wear and tear of diesel generator cylinders during the operation of the internal combustion engine is inevitable, but in practical work, we should try our best to reduce the wear and tear. 3 ways to reduce the wear of diesel generator cylinders:


1. Before the cooler is started, manually crank the crankshaft to allow the lubricating oil to enter the surface of the lubricating parts. After starting, it runs at low speed, the temperature rises, and then the load is increased. During operation, the normal temperature of the power generation equipment is maintained.


2. Clean the diesel generator air filter in time, and check the oil quantity and product quality frequently.


3. Ensure the maintenance product quality and normal matching clearance of diesel generators. What needs to be done: the centerline of the cylinder bisects the centerline of the crankshaft vertically, the crankshaft and connecting rod cannot be deformed or offset, the piston pin, connecting rod sleeve. The connecting rod bush should be installed correctly to ensure that the crankshaft centerline is perpendicular to bisect the cylinder centerline, the cylinder should have certain precision and cleanliness.


Guangxi Dingbo Generator Set Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. reminds users: If the above points cannot be achieved when repairing or assembling diesel generators, the piston will form abnormal movement in the cylinder, which will accelerate the wear of the cylinder. Therefore, in the process of repairing the unit, we must keep improving. Carefully repaired to ensure the quality of repaired products. Once the diesel generator cylinder is seriously worn, it should be inspected and repaired to varying degrees.


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