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Hazards Of Diesel Generator Set Not Changing Oil For A Long Time

Oct. 21, 2022

The engine oil of Volvo diesel generator sets mainly plays the role of cooling, sealing, cleaning and lubrication in the units. The generator manufacturer recommends that the engine oil of Volvo diesel generator sets should be replaced after a period of use. If the engine oil is not replaced in time, the following damages will be caused to the units:


1. The oil pressure will increase if the oil is not changed timely. If the engine oil is not replaced in time, the viscosity of the engine oil will increase, the fluidity will decrease, and the oil circuit will be blocked, which will lead to an increase in oil pressure. However, an increase in oil pressure will lead to a decrease in the effect of the fuel filter, carbon deposition in the cylinder, and shorten the life of the engine.


2. It will cause excessive sludge. The incompletely combusted gas, water, acid, etc. in the combustion chamber enter the oil tank and mix with the metal powder to form sludge. If the engine oil is not replaced in time, the sludge will accumulate more and more, and the sludge will block the oil hole and filter, increasing the wear of parts.


diesel generator set

3. The oil pressure will be too low. Changing the engine oil irregularly will reduce the oil volume, make the engine oil less clean, or make the engine oil too thin, which will lead to the pressure drop of the engine oil. However, low engine oil pressure will lead to dry friction between parts, which will lead to combustion of the unit in serious cases.


4. It will accelerate the wear of various parts of the diesel generator set. If the engine oil is not replaced in time, the performance of the engine oil will become worse, which will lead to the wear of the cylinder, piston and other parts. The repair and replacement of parts will reduce the working efficiency of the unit and affect various sales activities.


Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. reminds everyone that if Volvo diesel generator sets do not change the engine oil in time, not only will the performance of the engine oil decline, but also the components of the unit will be damaged, which will seriously affect the normal operation of the unit and shorten the service life of the unit. Therefore, in order to make the unit work normally, the engine oil must be changed in time.


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