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Harm of Using Inferior Filter Elements in Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 15, 2023

Do you know the hazards of using inferior filter elements when maintaining diesel generator sets? Below, diesel generator manufacturers will provide a detailed summary for everyone. Due to the uneven quality of filter manufacturers, filters were originally designed to filter harmful impurities from various substances entering diesel generator sets. Enable the diesel engine to operate normally under various operating conditions and achieve the specified service life. However, counterfeiting, especially inferior filters, not only fails to achieve the aforementioned effects, but also brings various hazards to the engine.

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There are several common hazards. Firstly, use inexpensive filter paper to make filter elements. Due to the large pore size, poor uniformity, and low filtration efficiency of the filter paper, harmful impurities entering the engine cannot be effectively filtered, resulting in early engine wear. If low-quality adhesive is used, it cannot be firmly adhered, causing a short circuit at the bonding point of the filter element; Allowing a large amount of harmful impurities to enter the engine will reduce the lifespan of diesel engines.

Replacing oil resistant rubber parts with ordinary rubber parts, during use, due to the sealing failure of the internal sealing parts, a short circuit is formed inside the filter, causing some oil or air containing impurities to directly enter the engine, causing early engine wear. And the material of the center tube of the engine oil filter is thin instead of thick, which is not strong enough. During use, due to the center tube being compressed and the filter element being damaged, the oil circuit is blocked, resulting in insufficient engine lubrication. Metal components such as the end cover of the filter element, central tube, and casing are not subjected to rust prevention treatment, resulting in metal rust and impurities, making the filter a source of pollution.

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