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Harm of Open Fire Preheating Air in Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 17, 2023

In winter or when the temperature is low, sometimes it is difficult to start the Perkins diesel generator set. We will find that some operators will take off the upper cover of the air filter and light a piece of tarpaulin at the inlet to improve the air temperature entering the cylinder. Although this method is conducive to the start of Perkins diesel engines, it will also cause some harm. Starlight tells you that this is not advisable.

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The main hazards of preheating air with open fire are as follows:

1. Preheat the air with open fire. The air entering the cylinder has not been filtered at first stage (dry centrifugal filtration) or has not been filtered at all (some operators ignite at the air inlet of the cylinder head), so that the air containing impurities directly enters the cylinder, which aggravates the wear of the cylinder sleeve, piston, piston ring, valve, valve seat and other parts. In addition, the smoke from the open fire is easy to form carbon deposit when it enters the cylinder.

2. If the air filter is removed every time the engine is started, it is easy to cause the air inlet pipe to be not tightly closed, resulting in air leakage, so that part of the air enters the cylinder without filtration, which is extremely detrimental to the engine's operation.

3. Open fire starting is not conducive to safety, especially for some old locomotives, which are prone to fire due to serious oil leakage. When starting at low temperature, the Perkins diesel engine can be preheated and warmed by adding hot water to the cooling system and baking the oil pan with a dark fire.

It can be seen from the above three points that the method of preheating air with open fire has many potential safety hazards. The operator should not try to save time for a while, regardless of safety factors. Such starting will damage the Perkins diesel generating set, and even affect the process and safety of the whole operation.

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