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Ground Engineering Characteristics Of Diesel Generating Sets

Nov. 04, 2021

The operation of diesel generator sets is accompanied by significant vibration. Therefore, it is necessary to install the foundation under the high-power booster station. Please note that this requirement applies to industrial units, and household portable diesel generators can operate when installed on a simple flat surface.


Basic preparation requirements.

Practical installation of diesel generators shows that if the equipment weighs more than 300~400kg, basic treatment is mainly required. First of all, it is necessary to determine the area where the site will be placed under the booster station. This area should meet the following requirements.


Installation access must be provided for technical service.


When installing indoors, it is required to ensure that the distance between the sulfur dioxide and the wall is not less than 1 meter. In addition, the distance from the ceiling to the floor of the unit must be 2 meters or longer.


Ventilation conditions need to be provided to help discharge the heat discharged during work. For this reason, openings are made in the wall structure to prevent snow and other types of deposits from entering.


Please note that the calculation of the boosting basis is not only related to the power, but also to the actual mass of the fuel installation, and also when it is completely filled with other necessary technical fluids.


Recommendations for installing a booster station on the foundation.

No unified standard requirements have been established. However, the installation practice of this equipment shows that the cast-in-place reinforced concrete cushion will be a suitable bearing capacity plan. Among them, its mass should not be less than the 1.25~1.5 weight of the generator itself.


diesel generator set

Based on this value, the dimensions of the future foundation can be calculated, while considering the following suggestions:


The base area should exceed the outer dimension of the generator by no less than 250~300mm on each side.


After determining the allowable area, use the standard concrete density to calculate the necessary depth of the reinforced concrete slab. When using a cement-sand mixture and intermediate graded gravel, the standard concrete density is 1900 kg/m.


In order to increase the bearing capacity of the lower base of the diesel generator, additional reinforcement is used with concrete mixture. Depending on the pouring depth, it can be in the form of a grid or a cage, made of steel or glass rebar with a cross-section of not less than 8-12 mm.


When arranging reinforced structures, welding is not suitable, and individual components should be connected with special welding wires. Welding failure is due to the risk of metal strength performance degradation, which will reduce the bearing capacity of the foundation itself.


In order to ensure the normal operation of the reinforced structure, the distance from the upper surface of the concrete must be no less than 75-100 mm. This protective layer will also prevent the appearance of corrosion processes.


In order to strengthen the reinforced concrete foundation, anchor bolts should be installed before pouring the foundation, and the anchor bolts should be connected with the reinforced concrete. Please note that the dimensions between the mounting holes on the mounting frame must be accurate, and it is difficult to correct inaccuracies.


The upper surface of the concrete base layer should be flat, strictly abide by the levelness, and there should be no skew.


Starlight Power reminds you that another point should not be forgotten. In most small and medium power models, the shock absorber to reduce the base vibration load is located between the engine, generator and load-bearing frame. Therefore, such devices are installed rigidly on reinforced concrete foundations. High-power equipment does not have such a shock absorber, so it is expected that shock absorption panels will be used for installation.


In individual cases, if the quality and height of the diesel generator meet the design specifications, the diesel generator can be installed on the finished reinforced concrete slab.


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