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Grinding And Replacement Skills Of Generator Brushes

Aug. 19, 2023

The brush is a conductive transition part between the rotating part and the fixed part of the generator. It not only passes the load current during operation, but also directly rubs against the surface of the slip ring or commutator. For this reason, mechanical, electrical and installation failures may occur.


The spring pressure gradually weakens with the wear of the brushes. If the wear of the brushes exceeds a certain limit, and the spring pressure can still be adjusted, the pressure of the spring can be adjusted to compensate. Otherwise, the brushes can only be replaced. Under normal circumstances, the brush should be replaced when it wears more than 60%. Under extreme use conditions, the soft copper wire terminals buried in the brushes are not allowed to be worn to the extent that they are exposed. If you replace a new brush, you must first find out the brand and size of the new brush. If the size is slightly larger, it can be processed. If the brand difference is too large, it cannot be used reluctantly. Also check that the soft copper wire of the brush is complete and firm. When the number of broken strands of copper wire exceeds 1/3 of the total number, it should be replaced.


If the link end of the soft copper wire of the brush is loose or even completely loose, it should be repaired. There are several ways to connect the soft copper wire and the brush.


1. Stuffing method.

This method is widely used in the field because of its convenient processing. First drill a tapered hole or screw hole in the brush with a larger diameter than the copper wire diameter. Thread the copper wire into the hollow punch, and when the hollow punch enters the brush hole, the copper wire is also brought in. Then use a small hand hammer of 0.2~0.3kg to hit the punch, press the copper wire on the bottom of the hole of the brush, and withdraw the punch out of the hole, leaving a gap between the brush hole and the copper wire, and put the lead powder or copper wire with good plasticity. The powder can be filled with a hand hammer to fill the brush hole.

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2. Riveting method.

Drill a countersunk hole at the head of the brush, insert a copper tube with a slightly tight fit, and bury the protruding head of the tube in the large hole on the upper layer of the brush. File flat and bury it in the hole, and turn the enlarged edge of the extended part of the two ends of the copper tube to become a hollow copper tube rivet. Use the rivet pad on the copper washer, and rive the lead to the brush. The lead-out method is as shown in the figure below.


3. Welding method.

When the brush is very thin or the end plane does not exceed 100㎟, it is easy to burst the brush if the plugging method and the riveting method are used, and the welding method can be used at this time. Drill a larger diameter wire hole at the other end of the brush lead-in hole and plated with copper. Wipe the lead ends clean, thread them through the brush, and coil them into the wire holes.


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