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General Maintenance Requirements For Diesel Generator Air Filter

Aug. 18, 2021

As far as diesel generators are concerned, the maintenance of the air filter element is generally carried out according to the maintenance indicator or indicator light. Disassembly and assembly of the filter element will damage the sealing ring between the housing and the filter element.


Therefore, only clean or replace the air filter when necessary. But replace it once a year, if the diesel generator has serious black smoke, replace the air filter at any time.


1.Remove the vacuum cleaner. The service life of the filter paper core is related to whether the dust of the No. 2 dust collector is cleaned up in time. If the dust is not removed in time, the filter will be clogged quickly. Therefore, never fill the dust collector with dust. When the dust content is large, the dust should be removed every day (the air filter with 8 dust exhaust valves can cancel this maintenance, but the dust exhaust port of the dust exhaust valve must be cleaned frequently). The cleaning method is as follows:


(1)Loosen the clamp and remove the dust collector and the end cover together.

(2)Remove the end cap from the collector, pour out the dust, and reassemble it in the reverse order.

(3)Pay attention to align the groove on the end cover and the flange on the dust collector. When the air filter is installed horizontally, mark the "up" mark upward.


2.Press the maintenance indicator to perform maintenance. After the diesel engine stops running, the red "service area" can be clearly seen on the maintenance indicator, or the maintenance indicator of the air filter flashes during use, and the air filter needs to be maintained. After the air filter has been maintained five times, the filter still needs to be replaced, but at least once every two years. When the maintenance of the air filter element is finished, the maintenance indicator continues to flash, and the safety filter element should be replaced. After the maintenance is completed, if the maintenance indicator is not eliminated, press the return button 2, and the maintenance instruction request disappears. Otherwise, it has to be re-maintained.


 diesel generator

3.Clean the valve. If it is an air filter with a dust exhaust valve, remove dust at least once every 10h of work. The detailed method is:

(1)Press the rubber flat nozzle at the bottom of the dust exhaust valve to open it.

(2)Press (and shake) the middle of the dust exhaust valve continuously to discharge the dust.


4.Maintenance steps of the air filter.

(1)Loosen the clamp.

(2)Remove the shell and take out the filter element.

(3)Clean the filter element (replace at least once a year).

(4)Clean the paper filter element: Blow out from the inside (maximum pressure 0.5MPa), if necessary, tap the filter element gently to make dust or agglomerates fall off.

(5)The sealing ring may be damaged during routine maintenance or replacement of the filter element. Always check the light transmittance of the paper filter and the tightness of the sealing ring, and replace it if necessary.

(6)For the safety filter element (internal filtration), it must be replaced if it has been cleaned five times or used for more than two years (cannot be cleaned). The replacement steps are as follows: Unscrew the hex nut, take out the old filter element, install the new filter element, and tighten the hex nut. Install the filter element, install the protective cover, and tighten the clamp l.


5. Air filter maintenance period. The air filter maintenance alarm widely used on diesel generators serves to remind the driver to repair or replace the air filter element in time. The air filter maintenance alarm is generally a vacuum induction type. When the intake vacuum reaches (5±0.5) kPa, the alarm in the cab will light up. The driver should maintain or replace the air filter element.


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