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Function of Oil Pump of Silent Generator Set

Aug. 15, 2023

The function of the oil pump of the mute generator set is to supply oil with a certain pressure and flow in the circulating oil circuit of the lubrication system, so that the diesel engine of the mute generator set can be lubricated. At present, the gear type and rotor type oil pumps of silent generator sets are widely used in diesel engines. The oil pump of silent generator unit is usually made of high-strength cast iron. The pump body is equipped with external gear. Both sides of the gear are sealed by front and rear cover plates. Each gear of the pump body, pump cover and gear forms a sealed working chamber.

Sillent Power Generator Set

In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the oil pump and lubricating system components of the silent generator set, a pressure limiting valve is installed on the oil pump. When the diesel engine of the mute generator set leaves the factory, the valve pressure has been set. When the oil pressure of the mute generator set exceeds the set value, open the side through-hole, and part of the oil flows back to the oil pan. The oil pump has simple structure, reliable operation and easy manufacture. It is mainly composed of two eccentric internally engaged rotors and a housing, and the internal rotor is fixed on the drive shaft with a half moon key. The outer rotor is loosely sleeved in the casing and rotates by the inner garden. Both the inner and outer rotors are compacted by powder metallurgy. The pump body and pump cover are positioned by two locating pins.

There is an oil resistant adjusting gasket between the cover plate and the casing to ensure the end clearance between the inner and outer rotors of the silent generator set and the casing. The front end of the driving shaft is fixed with a woodruff key and driven by the driven shaft through the intermediate gear. When the rotor of the silent generator unit rotates, the space volume under the inner and outer rotors gradually increases, the space volume on the rotor gradually decreases, and the oil pressure increases. Rotor oil pump has the advantages of small volume, light weight, simple and compact structure, fast running speed, stable operation, low noise, long service life of silent generator set, etc. Small and medium-sized diesel engines are used more and more widely, but the disadvantage is that the tooth surface pressure fluctuates greatly.

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