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Function of Oil Pressure Sensor in Tongchai Diesel Generator

Sep. 20, 2022

Tongchai diesel generators rely on lubricating oil for lubrication. Once the lubricating oil pressure is too low, the diesel generator set will have a dry conflict due to lack of oil, resulting in severe wear and heat, and then damage the Tongchai diesel generator and affect the unit. of normal operation. Therefore, oil pressure measurement equipment is installed on Tongchai diesel generators to monitor the pressure of lubricating oil. At present, generator manufacturers mostly use potentiometer pressure sensors to measure oil pressure.

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The oil pressure sensor sensor in Tongchai diesel generator consists of a corrugated diaphragm and a sliding potentiometer. When the oil pressure of Tongchai diesel generator changes, the corrugated diaphragm is displaced, which drives the contacts on the potentiometer to slide, and then changes the resistance value. Under the single-wire system, the sensor has one terminal, and the potentiometer in the middle is connected to the diesel generator control unit or the oil pressure indicator through a wire, and the other pole is grounded. When connected with the oil pressure indicator, if the resistance value of the potentiometer changes, the current passing through the internal coil of the oil pressure indicator will change, and then the pointer will be deflected to indicate the pressure value of the lubricating oil. When the oil pressure increases, the variable resistance of the sensor decreases, and the output current increases, and when the oil pressure decreases, the situation is just the opposite.

When connected to the control unit, after the sensor potentiometer and the internal pull-up resistor of the ECU divide the voltage, a voltage that changes with the change of the resistance of the potentiometer occurs. lubricating oil pressure. The sliding wire potentiometer in this oil pressure measurement device has a mechanical contact, and the contact must pass a current of up to 100mA, and the diesel generator has a large vibration, which affects the mechanical and electrical life of the sensor.

The lubricating oil pressure switch of the generator manufacturer is also used to detect the oil pressure of diesel generators. It consists of a diaphragm, a contact and a spring. During the operation, when the diaphragm of the oil pressure switch has no pressure effect, the contact is closed under the effect of the spring force; when there is a pressure effect on the diaphragm, the spring is compressed and the contact is opened.

The switch-type pressure sensor is generally connected to the oil pressure indicator light, and the working principle diagram of the switch-type oil pressure indicator. When the oil pressure sensor in the diesel generator does not have lubricating oil pressure, the diaphragm is under pressure, the contact of the oil pressure switch is closed, and the oil pressure indicator light is on; when the oil pressure of the diesel generator is on Under normal conditions, the diaphragm is subjected to the pressure effect and the tension spring is compressed, so that the contacts are opened, and the oil pressure indicator light is extinguished. It is hoped that the above introduction to the role of the oil pressure sensor in Tongchai diesel generators can provide help for the majority of users, and can avoid damage to the unit during use and affect the life of the unit to the greatest extent possible.

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