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Function and Structure of Intercooler in Perkins Generator Set

Aug. 15, 2023

With the needs of production and the improvement of science and technology, the requirements for Perkins generator set diesel engine are becoming higher and higher, which requires Perkins generator set to have the characteristics of high output power, good economy, light weight and small volume. The output power of Perkins generator set depends on the amount of fuel and air entering the cylinder and the effective use of heat energy. It is an economic and effective method to improve the output power of Perkins generator set.

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Under the condition that the cylinder volume of Perkins generator set remains unchanged, the main means is to increase the air density entering the cylinder of Perkins generator set. However, air density is proportional to pressure and inversely proportional to temperature. Therefore, increasing the intake air pressure and decreasing the intake air temperature can increase the intake air density. At present, Perkins generator set adopts supercharger for pressurization and intercooler for cooling. At present, intercoolers are generally installed on medium and high pressure Perkins generator sets. The intercooler is essentially a heat exchanger, which is installed between the turbocharger and the combustion chamber. When the turbocharger of Perkins generator set has a high charge ratio, the intake air temperature is also high, which leads to the reduction of the air density of Perkins generator set.

Perkins generator set intercooler is used to cool the charge air and reduce the inlet temperature after pressurization. The charge air in the intercooler can generally be reduced by 25 to 60 degrees Celsius. On the one hand, it can increase the air density, on the other hand, it can reduce the cylinder temperature at the intake end of Perkins generator set and the average temperature of the whole cycle. The water-cooled intercooler is usually used for turbocharged diesel engine power generation. After the turbocharger and intercooler are installed, the lubricating oil and cooling water of Perkins generator set shall be replaced accordingly according to the needs of the turbocharger and intercooler. The intercooler shell is a part of the engine intake manifold. The inner core is composed of pipes for cooling liquid circulation of Parkins generator set. The air passes through the core and is cooled before entering the combustion chamber of Parkins generator set. In this way, due to the application of intercooler, the inlet air temperature of Perkins generator set has been well controlled, and the combustion condition of Perkins generator set has been improved.

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