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Fuel System Factors For Starting Failure Of 200kw Yuchai Generator

Aug. 19, 2023

The supporting power of the 200kw Yuchai generator is the diesel engine produced by Yuchai, which integrates the rich diesel engine design experience of Yuchai Group and the advanced technology at home and abroad, and inherits the excellent characteristics of Yuchai machines. In this article, Guangxi Dingbo Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will briefly explain the fuel system factors of the 200kw Yuchai generator's starting failure.


I. The fuel system factor that the exhaust pipe does not emit smoke when starting.


1. The oil circuit system is blocked: There is no oil in the fuel tank, the fuel tank switch is not opened or the air hole of the fuel tank cover is blocked, the oil circuit between the fuel tank and the fuel injection pump is blocked, the diesel filter or the filter screen of the fuel transfer pump is blocked, and the nozzle of the fuel injector is blocked.


2. There is air in the oil circuit system: There is an air leak in the pipeline between the oil tank and the oil pump, so that air enters the oil circuit.


1. The parts of the low-pressure oil circuit system are damaged. The relief valve in the low-pressure oil circuit is not sealed, so that a certain oil pressure cannot be maintained in the low-pressure oil circuit. The oil valve of the oil transfer pump is viscous, the seal is not tight, the spring is broken, the piston of the oil transfer pump is seized or the piston spring is broken, so that the oil pump piston of the oil transfer pump cannot pump oil. Excessive wear of the plunger parts of the fuel injection pump, resulting in large internal leakage, so that the fuel supply cannot meet the needs of starting. Coking or sintering of precision parts of the injector cannot open the nozzle hole. The fuel supply time is too early or too late, and the fuel injection atomization is poor.


Yuchai Power generator set

II. The fuel system factor that the exhaust pipe emits off-white smoke and white smoke when starting. The diesel engine is not easy to start, and the fuel system causes gray-white smoke when starting: too much or too little fuel supply from the fuel injection pump, poor atomization of the fuel injector, poor quality of the mixture, too low cylinder pressure, poor diesel self-ignition conditions . After the diesel engine is started, a large amount of white smoke is discharged from the exhaust pipe, which is because the diesel is discharged without combustion, and the fuel injection advance angle is too small.


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