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Fuel Saving Tips For Cummins Diesel Generators

Aug. 19, 2023

The fuel consumption of diesel generator sets is a major standard for measuring the performance of diesel generators, and it is also a factor that affects the cost of generator use. How can we effectively reduce the fuel consumption of Cummins generators? The following are the fuel-saving techniques analyzed by Dingbo Power technicians for you.


1. Regularly check and maintain the Cummins generator. Carefully maintain and maintain, regularly check and adjust valve clearance, fuel injection pressure, fuel supply time, etc., and promptly eliminate scale and dirt on the cooling water jacket.


2. Remove carbon deposits in time. When the diesel generator is running, the relevant components generate high temperature during the combustion process, which causes the ash carbon polymer to adhere to the valve, valve seat, fuel injection nozzle, piston top, etc. If it is not cleaned in time, it will increase the fuel consumption and seriously affect the normal operation of the generator.


3. Regularly remove some minerals or impurities deposited at the bottom of the tank after use. If it is not cleaned regularly, it will affect the normal operation of the plunger and the fuel injection head, resulting in inaccurate fuel supply time, uneven fuel supply, poor fuel atomization, etc., resulting in an increase in fuel volume.


cummins volvo power generator set

4. Increase the cooling water temperature of the diesel generator set. In this way, the overall temperature of the diesel generator set is high, and the combustion can be relatively complete and the viscosity of the oil can be reduced, which also reduces the operating resistance of the diesel generator set and achieves the effect of fuel saving.


5. Do not overload the work. Overload operation will turn a considerable part of diesel into black smoke and fail to exert its due performance, increasing fuel consumption and shortening the service life of related parts.


6. Ensure that the diesel generator set does not leak oil. Check the diesel generator set once a day.


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