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Fuel Consumption Of Diesel Generators In Different Environments Or Uses

Aug. 21, 2023

The operating cost of diesel generator sets is a matter of great concern to every user, and there are many factors related to operating costs. One of the main determinants is the fuel consumption of diesel generator sets. When diesel generators are used as a common power source or backup, When the emergency power supply is running, the required fuel consumption depends on what index? In order to reduce electricity costs and ensure that diesel generators operate autonomously for as long as possible, it is necessary to correctly calculate the consumption of diesel generators and to understand the measures to reduce the fuel consumption of generators. What does fuel consumption and measures to reduce fuel consumption depend on?


Fuel consumption depends on the following main factors:


1. Rated power generation capacity.


2. Binary significant coefficient.


3. Ratio to rated value.


4. Ambient conditions and quality of combustible substances used.


5. The technical condition of the equipment.


In order to reduce the actual consumption and make it meet the fuel consumption standards of diesel generators, the user must do the following:


1. Make sure the generator is selected to be rated 25% higher than the expected load during normal operation.


2. Carry out regular maintenance in strict accordance with the regulations formulated by the diesel generator manufacturer.


3. When detecting the running failure of the diesel generator set, carry out the adjustment and current repair items in time.


4. Only use fuel that matches the unit and season.


5. Under the condition of 30%~40% lower than the rated load and no-load state, it is not allowed to run for a long time.


6. If possible, fill up the fuel tank 3-4 hours before the diesel power station is put into operation.


7. Ensure the volume and temperature of air entering and leaving the unit for normal operating conditions.


8. Arrange the fuel consumption accounting of diesel power station according to the actual available value. This will help detect increases in fuel consumption in a timely manner and take measures to reduce consumption. Only the correct operation, use and maintenance of diesel generator sets can reduce the cost of generated electricity.


cummins power generator set

Generally, the generator manufacturer will indicate the consumption in kilograms and liters for different load operation in the documentation accompanying the unit, so there is no need to calculate the consumption of the equipment owner. While the actual value, as mentioned earlier, by maintaining a record that provides reliable information, it is easier to know the specific fuel consumption of the unit so that adjustments can be made in a timely manner.


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