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Four Reasons For Cylinder Deviation Of Diesel Generator

Mar. 14, 2023

I. Reasons for cylinder deviation of diesel generator.


1. Cylinder.

The piston is skewed in the same direction at the upper, middle and lower parts of the cylinder, which may be caused by improper cylinder lining, the cylinder axis is not perpendicular to the crankshaft axis (tilts to the front and rear of the engine), and the cylinder axis is shifted forward and backward.


2. Crankshaft.

The piston is skewed in different directions at the upper (lower) part of the cylinder. The crankshaft axis is not perpendicular to the cylinder axis due to the non-parallel taper of the connecting rod journal and the main axis, or due to the deformation of the crankcase and improper fitting of the crankshaft bearing, and the crankshaft is bent. The piston changes the skew direction in the middle of the cylinder because the connecting rod journal axis is not in the same plane as the crankshaft axis.


diesel generator

3. Connecting rod.

Individual pistons are skewed in the same direction at the upper, middle and lower parts of the cylinder. The skewed direction is the bending direction of the small end of the connecting rod. In the middle, the deflection is serious, and the direction of the upward and downward deflection cylinder changes, which means the connecting rod is distorted.


4. Piston.

The piston pin seat hole may be misaligned. In short, the eccentric cylinder is not necessarily a problem of a single part. There are many factors that affect it. Therefore, it must be analyzed in many ways according to the inspection situation to find out the cause and repair it.


II. Inspection method of eccentric cylinder.

Install the piston and connecting rod group without piston ring into the cylinder as required, connect the connecting rod journal, tighten the bolts and nuts according to the specified torque, and turn the crankshaft to make the piston at the top (bottom) dead center. Then use a feeler gauge to measure the clearance between the piston head and the cylinder wall in all directions. If the clearance is the same, it means that the assembly is appropriate. The maximum clearance between the piston and the cylinder should not exceed 0.10 mm. If the relative clearance is very different, even if there is no clearance in one direction, it means that there is a deviation cylinder, which should be adjusted and then matched. According to the empirical method, the light leakage can also be seen from the lower end of the cylinder to determine whether there is cylinder deviation.


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