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Four Methods To Improve The Cold Start Performance Of Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 12, 2023

Guangxi Dingbo Power Guide: Since the external temperature environment is uncontrollable, especially in cold winter or rainy and snowy weather, if the temperature is very low, then measures to improve the cold start performance of the diesel generator set should be taken.


1. Auxiliary heating measures are the most common methods for cold start of diesel generator sets, which are divided into inlet air preheating, flame preheating, jacket heater, fuel heater and lubricating oil heater.


The intake air preheating device is installed in the intake manifold to increase the intake air temperature. PTC ceramic heater can be used to heat the intake air. PTC ceramic heater has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, low electrical power consumption, compact structure, automatic temperature control, low heating, difficult oxidation and long service life. The unit can also be started successfully in a low temperature environment of - 40 ℃.


The flame preheating starting device is generally composed of electronic controller, solenoid valve, temperature sensor, flame preheating plug, oil pipe and wire. The working process is: first heat the glow plug to 850~950 ℃, then switch on the starting motor, the solenoid valve will automatically open the oil circuit, supply oil to the glow plug through the oil pipe, and finally conduct flame preheating.


In the cooling system, a jacket heater is installed to increase the coolant temperature. The jacket heater can circulate the coolant heated to 45~50 ℃ to the cylinder jacket of the engine, so that the engine is warm.


Similarly, fuel heater and lubricating oil heater can also be installed in the fuel system and lubricating oil system to heat the engine and improve the cold start performance of the unit.


Weichai Power Generator set

2. In extremely cold regions, the starting battery adopts wound battery, which adopts spiral winding technology. The grid alloy also replaces the lead calcium alloy of the flat battery with a new lead alloy. The gap between the plates is very small. The acid is solid acid and can be absorbed by glass fiber mesh. The structure is tight. At low temperatures, no liquid acid can be frozen, so the current output decreases less. The starting current is 3 times that of ordinary batteries, the fastest starting time is 0.6s, with stable high output voltage and higher energy density. The service life is usually more than 1.5 times that of ordinary flat battery.


3. Use low temperature diesel, coolant and low temperature lubricating oil suitable for the ambient temperature. Generally, the label of low-temperature diesel oil, low-temperature lubricating oil and coolant should be at least 5 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature.


4. Install moisture-proof heater in the electric cabinet of the electric control system to improve the low temperature condition of the electric control system.


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