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Formation of Internal Magnetic Fields in Low Noise Diesel Generators

Aug. 18, 2023

Today we will briefly introduce the formation of the magnetic field inside the low-noise diesel generator.

The engine of the diesel generator drives the diesel generator to run, converting the energy of the diesel into electricity. The low-noise diesel generator set uses the principle of 'electromagnetic induction', the diesel generator will output the induced electromotive force, and the current can be generated through the closed load loop. In addition, a series of diesel engine and diesel generator controls, protection devices and circuits are required to obtain a usable and stable power output.

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Diesel generators are divided into two categories: DC diesel generators and AC diesel generators. The latter can be divided into two types: synchronous diesel generators and asynchronous diesel generators. Synchronous diesel generators are most commonly used in modern power stations. The characteristic of this diesel generator is that it is excited by DC current, which can not only provide reactive power, but also meet the needs of various loads. Because the asynchronous diesel generator has no independent excitation winding, its structure is simple and the operation is convenient, but it cannot provide reactive power to the load, and also needs to draw lagging magnetizing current from the connected grid. Therefore, the asynchronous diesel generator must be connected in parallel with other synchronous units, or a considerable number of capacitors must be connected in parallel. This limits the application scope of asynchronous diesel generators, and can only be used in small automated hydropower stations. DC power supplies used in urban trams, electrolysis, electrochemistry and other industries were mostly DC diesel generators before the 1950s. However, DC diesel generators have commutators, which are complex in structure, time-consuming to manufacture, expensive, prone to failure, difficult to maintain, and not as efficient as AC diesel generators. Therefore, since the advent of high-power controllable rectifiers, there has been a tendency to use AC power to obtain DC power through semiconductor rectification to replace DC diesel generators.

Synchronous diesel generators are divided into three types: steam turbine diesel generators, hydraulic diesel generators and diesel generators according to the different prime movers used. What they have in common in structure is that in addition to the use of permanent magnets to generate magnetic fields in small motors, the general magnetic fields are generated by the excitation coils that are connected to direct current, and the excitation coils are placed on the rotor and the armature windings are placed on the stator. Because the voltage of the excitation coil is low, the power is small, and there are only two outlets, which are easy to be drawn out through the slip ring; while the armature winding has a high voltage and high power, and mostly uses three-phase windings, with 3 or 4 terminals, it is more convenient to put it on the stator. The armature (stator) iron core of the diesel generator is made of silicon steel sheets to reduce iron consumption. The rotor core can be made of an integral steel block due to the constant magnetic flux passing through it. In large motors, since the rotor is subjected to a strong centrifugal force, the material of the rotor must be made of high-quality steel.

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