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Follow These Rules To Keep Your Diesel Generator Set Safe

Jan. 21, 2022

Diesel generator sets provide stable and reliable power for our business, industrial and other needs and are important to ensure that our quality of life is maintained. Diesel generator set operators must therefore follow strict safety precautions and guidelines to ensure safe and stable power flow. Whether you're working in the workplace or outdoors, you should read and understand these simple rules to ensure a stable and reliable supply of electricity wherever you need it.


1. Read the manual.

All operators should read the supplied owner's manual and safety documentation before using diesel generators. The generator must not be operated by anyone who has not read the required materials. This manual contains everything you need to know about your generator: technical specifications, operating instructions, safety precautions and limitations. This is for the benefit of the operator. Likewise, operators should be aware of and heed all warning labels.


2. Know your needs.

Diesel generators vary in size and rated output. Some generator sets produce less power than others. When using a generator, it is important to pay attention to all equipment and appliances that will be powered by the generator. This is essential because the generator could overload and go offline, or worse. Instead, your generator may be producing too much power to meet your needs. The standard engine has an unchangeable constant output. If you only consume 10% of the generator's rated output, you still pay for the remaining 90%.


diesel generator set

3. Keep it dry.

One of the most important things an operator needs to do is keep the diesel generator set dry. Diesel generators should be kept away from possible sources of moisture. Likewise, diesel generators should not be used if the generator is outdoors and the weather conditions are wet or rainy.


Ideally, generators should be protected by an open tent or box or placed in a basement. Do not attempt to power appliances and equipment exposed to moisture if the generator is online. Electricity and water do not mix well. Moisture can damage generators and equipment, or worse, electrocute people near the equipment.


4. Ensure proper ventilation.

Do not use generators in enclosed spaces or indoors. The fumes from generator sets contain large amounts of carbon monoxide, an invisible, odorless gas that can be deadly in large quantities. If the generator is outdoors, it should be located away from indoor entry points such as vents, windows and doors. Carbon monoxide has no odor, so it is called the "silent killer". Anyone feeling dizzy near the generator should leave immediately and notify the operator.


5. Refuel correctly.

Diesel generators will need to be refueled if extended run time is necessary. Do not refuel when the diesel generator is running, and do not refuel when the unit is still hot when it is just turned off. The standby unit should cool itself before refueling.


Complying with the above operating rules can ensure the safe operation of your unit, so as to provide users with stable and reliable power support.


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