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Five Inlay Techniques For Dry Cylinder Liner Of Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 22, 2022

When the cylinder of the diesel generator set is higher than the last level of maintenance size, or when there are deep grooves and small cracks on the cylinder wall, if the method of maintaining the cylinder cannot achieve the purpose, or when the condition of the enamel cylinder is not available, only use the method of replacing the cylinder liner. The process of replacing dry cylinder liners includes selection of cylinder liners, enamel holes, clamping of new cylinder liners, maintenance planes, brush plating of cylinder liners, etc.


1. Select the cylinder liner. When the cylinder is inlaid for the first time, a standard size cylinder liner should be selected for multiple repairs in the future. The outer surface roughness of the cylinder liner shall not exceed 0.80um, the cylindricity tolerance shall not exceed 0.02mm, and the lower edge of the cylinder liner shall have a corresponding taper or chamfer.


2. Enamel holes. According to the outer diameter of the selected cylinder liner, the surface roughness of the bearing hole shall not exceed 1.60um, and the cylindricity tolerance shall not exceed 0.01mm. If the original cylinder has a cylinder liner, you can use a special tool to pull out the old cylinder liner, or you can use an enamel machine to enamell it. There are two tools for pressure cylinder liners: pressure cylinder liners and mechanical cylinder liners. Figure 3-23 shows the mechanical pressure cylinder liner. After removing the old cylinder liner, check whether the bearing hole of the cylinder liner meets the requirements. Cylinder liners and bearing holes should be as excess as possible. Usually the top flanged cylinder liner and the interference are 0.05-0.07mm, and the flangeless cylinder liner and the interference are 0.07-0.10mm. Clearance between flange and bearing hole: cast iron cylinder liner is usually 0.25-0.40mm. If the old bearing hole and the newly selected cylinder liner do not meet the requirements, the bearing hole should be re-enamelled to the required size.


diesel generator set

3. Clamp the new cylinder liner. After cleaning the cylinder and cylinder liner, apply appropriate amount of oil to the outer wall of the cylinder liner, insert the cylinder liner into the cylinder part, straighten it with a square ruler, place a hardwood or soft metal pad on the cylinder liner port, and then slowly clamp the cylinder with a 5-10t press set. If there is no press, it can be clamped with a special tool for hydraulic or mechanical pressure cylinder liner. During the pressure process, the cylinder liner should always be perpendicular to the plane on the cylinder block, and the pressure should gradually increase. When clamping 30-50mm, it should be loosened and the position of the cylinder liner should be adjusted naturally. If it is found that the resistance suddenly increases during the clamping process, it should be ended in time to find out the reason to avoid squeezing the cylinder wall. In order to avoid the deformation of the cylinder block, the method of sequential clamping of the cylinder should be used when clamping the dry cylinder liner.


4. Repair the plane. After the cylinder liner is clamped to the bearing hole, the end face shall not be lower than the upper plane of the cylinder block or higher than 0.10mm. If it is high, it can be repaired with a file or a fixed enamel machine.


5. Brushing of cylinder liner. When the bearing hole of the cylinder liner is enlarged and a suitable cylinder liner cannot be selected, the method of brushing the outer wall of the cylinder liner can be used for repair. When brushing, nickel baths and copper baths can be used. When multi-layer coating is used, the thickness of the coating can reach 0.20mm, which can meet the needs of excessive coordination between the cylinder liner and the cylinder wall.


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