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Features Of Diesel Generator Fuel Filter And Fuel Injection Pump

Dec. 09, 2021

The diesel generator fuel filter is mainly composed of a filter, a housing and a filter seat. Under normal circumstances, only the overflow valve 8 structure, C0810A or C0810B type filter can be selected according to the model.


The structure principle and use method of diesel generator fuel filter:


The fuel is sent from the fuel delivery pump to the fuel filter. The paper filter element is first used to remove impurities in the fuel and penetrates into the oil filter cylinder, and then the oil collection cavity of the filter seat is used to penetrate the fuel injection pump.


The oil filter seat is equipped with an oil return joint, and the oil volume exceeds 78kgf/cm2 (0.8kgf/cm2), and the remaining fuel is returned to the fuel tank through the oil return joint. Connect the low-pressure oil pipe to the direction of the arrow on the coordinate, and it can be connected incorrectly. The rubber gasket under the filter is installed and used in the spring seat, and the spring presses the sealing strip against the bottom surface of the nut, which can seal well. The filter seat body and the housing are connected by a tie rod and sealed with a rubber ring. The upper end of the filter seat is equipped with a bleed screw, which can release the air release screw in the fuel filter.


The fuel filter is fixed on the storage body or bracket by two M8-6H screws. When the fuel supply is insufficient during use, the filter element will be blocked. At this time, you should stop and drain the oil, you can directly loosen the tie rod nut on the diesel generator, remove the shell, take out the filter element, and then immerse the filter element in gasoline or diesel oil, and gently remove the dirt with a brush. If the filter is broken or difficult to clean, replace the filter with a new one, install and use it according to Figure 5-36, and inject clean fuel.


diesel generator

What are the main test corrections for internal combustion engine fuel injection pumps?


The advantages and disadvantages of the working performance of diesel generators are closely related to the working performance of the governor, such as the fuel supply of the fuel injection pump and the uniform distribution of fuel, to a large extent. The fuel injection pump plunger and even parts are high-precision parts, and its working performance is not easy to meet the normal working requirements of the engine only by personal experience and manual adjustment.


When maintaining diesel generators, the fuel injection pump is usually tested and corrected by the fuel injection pump test bench. The main test and debugging contents of the fuel injection pump are as follows:


1. Correct the fuel supply and uniform distribution of each cylinder of the diesel generator fuel injection pump.


2. Modify the fuel supply time and interval of the diesel generator fuel injection pump.


3. Air tightness inspection of diesel generator fuel injection pump.


4. Related inspection and correction of the operation phenomenon of the diesel generator speed control device.


5. Oil pump test of diesel generator.


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