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Failures Of Diesel Generator Sets Under Different Working Conditions

Jul. 19, 2021

The failure phenomenon is the performance due to some failure reasons under certain working conditions. When the diesel generator set fails, there will often be or several special failure phenomena. Different working conditions have different failure phenomena. These failure phenomena are usually audible, olfactory, visible, touchable or measurable. After different operating hours of diesel generator sets, the same failure occurs but the manifestations are not completely the same. What is the reason for this phenomenon? What is the solution?


We all know that the prerequisite for the normal operation of diesel generator sets is that the atomized diesel can be injected into the combustion chamber accurately and in time, and the compressed air in the combustion chamber must reach a sufficient temperature to catch fire and explode. To meet these two conditions, it is necessary to have a high enough speed and a certain temperature in the cylinder when the diesel engine starts. If the diesel engine fails, it should be overhauled in time.

diesel engine

Once you do not pay attention to observe and judge the various faults in the operation of the generator set in daily operation, and do not take the necessary technical measures in time, it may cause serious mechanical accidents and even make the generator set unable to be repaired and used. Therefore, in the daily use of the generator set, the user must timely and accurately find out the malfunction of the diesel generator, and provide sufficient objective information and basis for the analysis and troubleshooting.


This is like saying that people who are sick usually look yellow and thin, and cloudy days are a sign of rain, and Ruixue is a symbol of a good harvest. And the failure of the generator set is no exception, there are signs before the failure, that is, a common failure phenomenon.


We all know that no matter how good the quality of diesel generator sets are in the design, manufacture, and assembly process, after a certain working time, their parts will inevitably undergo normal wear and tear, or various failures due to improper use and maintenance. Diesel generator sets have reduced power, uneven speed, increased fuel consumption, black, blue, and white smoke, difficulty in starting, and abnormal noise. If the unit fails, it must be checked and eliminated in time.


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